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    Going back across the border 5/14/2020

    we won't be back, until Oct. Published @ R.P. Entering r.p. requires a Corna test and temp. (and paying for it, , don't know how test results will be determined?) This may change, when?
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    Going back across the border 5/14/2020

    Connie Shelton Thu, May 14, 11:32 AM (2 days ago) to me, Dan, Michael Not sure when or if any of you are planning to leave Mexico, but this was our experience yesterday when crossing the border. Just FYI. - You can't turn right off the 5-mile road and take the Caborca...
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    No Alcohol

    I concur; shelves bare, lots of beer though.
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    Buying a Car how easy

    . Do not mind quiet and isolated as long as I have cold beer bbq and I can fish also positive not near shops stops her spending Above description, is Playa Encanto. Security (12 men, with quads roaming check-gate NO fireworks). Probably the strongest HOA, in Penasco. spend 5 months a yr...
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    4.1 earthquake - 77km SW of Puerto Penasco - April 6, 2019

    Conjures, up San Andreas Fault VIBS!!
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    Huge loads of “stuff” on pickups headed to Mexico.

    Had a community garage sale, In Denver. Mx. family and 2 cars with 2 ton truck, buying everything, some times, it seemed that the price was not haggled over. I asked him were to, Going to Chihuahua, Mx.
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    Cholla Bay blackout

    Glad we have underground elect. cable @ Playa Encanto.
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    Net metering in Mexico

    guessing, that at Encanto we have maybe 4-8 solar feed-back systems? Unless there is a large CFE increase, per/kilowatt hour, you have to weigh the cost of solar panels and meter hook-up- batteries. You've got to take into account the rediculus LOW RATES, that we currently have. Caveat...
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    There was only about 3 cars diverted to service station lot. It would seem that we hit the border, just before gates were closed
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    Yes. Had we arrived 15 minutes early, we would have missed the whole show. The border gates are huge, I've never noticed them before.
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    On Nov. 1 at Kukeville, we had the following experience. We were diverted by 2 Customs cars, that blocked the entry thru the large canopy passage. We parked and when I got out of the car, I heard a loud police car siren and a bull-horn, blaring away "GET BACK-GET BACK". I then walked up...
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    Traveling to Rocky Point for the first time. Plan to do it this winter

    Playa Benito; Just north of the highrise condos..(12-15 stories high) or new one, just a little N. of playa Benito.
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    Have yamha gas golf cart, in the need of elctrical repair. New battery, all fuses good. No current to lights or starter?

    Never mind; Dan @ Encanto, solved the Yamaha electric problem.
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    Traveling to Rocky Point for the first time. Plan to do it this winter

    Playa Encanto is ok; interior roads a little ruddy; Power, never was turned OFF, during flooding.
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    Encanto Internet Services

    Exede is a SATELLITE SERVICE Can't believe anyone would use this expensive service, When Magels, Encanto service is reliable, and a lot cheaper. Been using it for 12 yrs. Only reason, I can see for satellite service would be for higher mpg's.
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    anyone leaving from the east valley to RP tomorrow?

    It must be very difficult to live without a "pop up shade?'"
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    Pet Groomer

    I'm a member of board and I'm at a loss for posting; Hence I'm attaching this to a random reply. Eco bird Island boat rip; Grand kids in town, asked for cost. $99 each. I told them that it was a rediculus. So if you are thinking about the BIG TRIP, be aware of the cost Gup
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    Cholla bay ....what a tale!

    Enjoyed the read "A trip to remember." Haven't made any excursions, comparable to their trip, but have enjoyed RP, since our arrival in 1991.