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    Anyone Going Down In The Next Few Days?

    I have a very small package of little value I need to have dropped off at the Bella Sirena front gate. I would be happy to meet anywhere in the Valley and provide some gas money. If someone can take it I would be very appreciative.
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    Garage Door Dilemma-Help!

    Hey Guys & Gals: I have an outside garage with a big problem. The only access to the garage is via the overhead door; no window, door, nada. For some unknown reason, the electric door opener won't operate either from the remote or the keypad so I'm locked out. I've tried changing the remote...
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    Does anyone know if Cedo will be open New Year's Day?
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    Oxygen at the Border?

    We'll soon be crossing the border with my Mom and her oxygen tank since she uses it 24/7. Will we have an issue getting it across if we get the red light? Should it be declared in any way? Thanks in advance for your input. (Sorry if this a duplicate post.)
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    Oxygen Tank at the Border?

    We'll soon be crossing the border with my Mom and her oxygen tank since she uses it 24/7. Will we have an issue getting it across if we get the red light? Should it be declared in any way? Thanks in advance for your input.
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    Netflix Connection?

    Has anyone been able to install Netflix on a TV here in Penasco? I have a MX connection and tried to connect with my Netflix account via my smart TV with no luck. The error message was something relative to the connection and wouldn't let me get past the "Are you a Netflix Member?" page. I would...
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    Taking Goods From Mexico Into US?

    I have taken plenty of stuff into Mexico from the US but not the other way. Now I would like to bring poured concrete products from Penasco to my home in the Phoenix area. I would appreciate any intelligence of what I am going to encounter at the border in terms of documents necessary and costs...
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    New Venicle

    Hey Guys, I need a quick response if possible. I am buying a new truck so will be crossing the border with a drive away temporary plate; is that a problem? Also, I know it has been covered before but what are the directions for the new route from St Luis/Yuma to Penasco?
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    Used Air Conditioning Units

    I am on the verge of replacing the AC units on my home in the Phoenix area. I was told today that used units are in demand at decent prices in Penasco. Can anyone confirm or dispute that for me, please? The units are Trane XL1400 14 seer heat pump packaged roof-top units. They are 2 1/2, 3 1/2...
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    Propane Tank at the Border

    I will be bringing a patio set down with a built-in propane tank for a fire pit (aka hand warmer lately!). Question: Will I have an issue crossing the border with the full tank? I seem to recall a thread on this but can't find it.
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    Boomer Fest 2013

    This is huge! Boomer Fest will happen on Sandy Beach next May in Penasco. The performers which could include Bob Dylan, Santana, CS&N, The Beach Boys and a long list of others will be finalized next week. I have an almost final brochure for this Rockin' good time, but can't figure out how to...
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    For those of you who haven't checked out the new AutoZone; you should. Not only is it a big, beautiful store, their prices may be as good and maybe better than in the US. I bought brake pads and oil both of which were less than my North Scottsdale store. We're making progress!
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    Great Diesel Mechanic and Interior Guy

    Just bought a new (used) Phoenix 29 footer. Looking for someone to do mechanical, engine work on one of the Volvo engines...maybe head gasket issue and to make it look great. Thanks for educated and experienced recommendations!
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    Looking For High Furniture

    I am looking to purchase a large amont of quality, high end furiture for use in a Penasco penthouse. As well as living room, bedroom, dining room and other pieces, I also need quality patio furniture. Please private message me with wehat you have and prices.
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    Easter Sunday Border Wait Expectations

    Particularly for those of you involved in the accomondations rental or transportation industries in RP, I'm looking for best guesses on Border wait times for Easter Sunday. A comment was made on another thread that most of the visitors would be Nationals; is that true? If so, the Lukeville...
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    Directv Guy?

    I now hav my Directv HD Receiver & Dish ready to take down Wednesday to replace my non-HD system. Instead of monkeying with it myself, I would prefer to find someone there to install the new dish and run the wires if necessary. Therefore, does anyone know someone in Penasco who can set it up...
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    Directv Help

    Hey Guys, can anyone suggest someone in Penasco to help convert my Directv system over to HD? I have the new dish, receiver etc. Also, will my DVR work there? Thanks!
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    AC Condensation Issues

    Does anyone have a good AC repair man they can recommend to trouble shoot and repair one of my AC units? I experienced an extreme build-up of condensation (I think) which ended up doing damage to a ceiling. I would appreciate any input from others with similar problems and causes discovered...
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    Directv Question

    I have a Directv account in Arizona and just had one of my old boxes which still works replaced with a new one. Since they didn't want the old one back, I still have it and card. Question...can I take the old one to RP and use it there or will Directv detect that and give me grief? If so, any...
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    Cruise on the Wild Side

    Hey Guys (Gals too), We are coming down this weekend with some friends who tend to gravitate to the wild & crazy side. Which of the Sunset Cruises would you recommend we choose. I would also be very open to other activities we might try while down. Thanks in advance and may all have a great 4th...