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  1. flicks

    Road to Playa Dorado

    Thank you!
  2. flicks

    Road to Playa Dorado

    Hi everyone, Can some one tell me if the road to Playa Dorado is accessible by a regular car? Thanks
  3. flicks

    Coming down a few weeks. Looking for Chino's Taco Stand.

    He moves around a lot. It's a stand run by Chino. Thanks
  4. flicks

    Cholla Bay Old School

    Yes they still use those!
  5. flicks

    Who else will be down for Memorial weekend?

    We'll be there!
  6. flicks

    New Years Eve

    Also The Sonoran Sun- $40 per person, Surf & Turf, Plus a bottle of Vodka or Whispkey or Open Bar. 9-2am
  7. flicks

    Lot's of rain

  8. flicks

    Crime - Surprised it isn't here yet...

    One of them is: Puerto Penasco Fans & Community & Puerto Penasco Friends
  9. flicks

    Crime - Surprised it isn't here yet...

    I saw that on FB as well!
  10. flicks

    Cost of Living

  11. flicks

    Caribbean Parrot

    When I was up there memorial , the name had changed? Can't remember what it is. We went before to listen to Mark Mulligan. You are right Krazy 89 the drinks were bad.
  12. flicks

    Trailer/House/Condo for sale close or on the beach?

    They do the same thing on Sandy Beach @ Playa Bonita.
  13. flicks

    Oyster Farm Directions

    Maybe next time!. We're Mark & Kathy. Thanks for the great directions. We stay in the Mirador area.
  14. flicks

    Oyster Farm Directions

    Yes, are you Matt & Donna? The people we were with had 2 yorkie's
  15. flicks

    Oyster Farm Directions

    Hill boy . We were there Saturday around 11:30
  16. flicks

    Oyster Farm Directions

    We found it & had a blast.. (El Barco)
  17. flicks

    Oyster Farm Directions

    Thanks azdiva
  18. flicks

    Oyster Farm Directions

  19. flicks

    Oyster Farm Directions

    Coming down this week. Don't no if I've ever been there? Is there easy directions? Thanks
  20. flicks

    Verizon in Mexico!

    With that new Verizon two dollar a day thing. I'm a little dense on this. LOL. That means I don't have to turn my data off on my phone and if I don't use it while I'm down there, I don't get charged correct?