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    Encantame Towers Owners

    Landshark, I have to admit you your classification as investor is the most accurate.
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    I suppose people could get upset on this one. But I do not see the big deal. So the reference to owners is not perfect in the opinion of some. Ok, people would say I own my house. But I have a mortgage. That is inaccurate but a fair reference. I'm pretty sure most would believe that owners...
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    Worth a read

    Wow that is quite the story and cause for concern.
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    Encantame Towers Owners

    I was visiting RP last week and did visit the site. They are up about 7-8 floors on the steel, pouring the decks, and doing lots of site work. Admittedly. hard to believe that 1st building will be finished this fall irrespective of the pandemic. Cheers
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    I should have been more clear crazy me I'm looking for US dollars
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    Thank you so much for your response. In tomorrow and give it a try. Thanks Again
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    Can anyone let me know where a an ATM is where i can draw cash without high fees Thanks
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    Please read!

    Your note said please read so I did. Wow, it appears the things described in the other thread/s about the gate demo are a bit more tactfully laid by your message. I too am very much interested in your area and further East. It does look like folks are purposefully breaking the HOA to develop...
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    Bella Sirena

    Ok, planning a trip soon and staying in Bella Sirena. Was attempting to identify the building that was shot up years ago. I was not successful in identifying the building. Any folks have historical knowledge that could let me know what building was the ground zero for the activity. Thanks
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    I want to thank everyone that has responded and overall the remarks are very helpful.
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    Cruises to start 2019. Make your reservation now.

    Here is a bit of the activity. At least you get to see the tenders.
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    I am aware of what is stated in prior two posts. So what about if there is a so called change in regime for the historical criminal element. Could it be argued that RP could become more dangerous if the criminal activity moves into RP with a bit more openness. I know I am hinging into having...
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    Safety in Rocky Point

    My apologies in advance if this is well covered in a recent thread. But this topic is still timely for me as I am considering investing in a Rocky Point condo. Of course, I read all about recent graves and shootings. So this is the topic: With changes in power within the criminal element are...
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    Merry Christmas

    Indeed, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays
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    Thanksgiving storm

    Hi Robert, care to elaborate on which particular condos, widespread or isolated?
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    Process of buying real estate in puerto Penasco

    Currently, I am working with Fabian and he is part of the Brandon Remax team that is no longer under the same ownership. Fabian Nieblas RE/MAX Legacy Cel: 638-107-6357 Office: 638-383-1425 U.S. : 602-334-4359
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    Bodies Found

    Hey guys, the newby here wonders if the thread may disapear. It might be for the best. In truth, I am very interested in the subject of the thread such as the actual location since the reference point did not provide enough clarity. I have been visiting RP more often and may be interested in...
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    Do you bring meat across border?

    I want to sincerely thank you for the info on the butcher. My wife and I are new to the RP scene. While we love the beach we are still working out the eats part. We shall check it out as we will be visiting in early Nov. Thank You