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    Security Companies in Penasco

    Can anyone recommend a home security monitoring business in Penasco, other than Vanguardia ? If so, please send contact info.
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    Lukeville Post office

    How accurate is the rumor it is closing ? Is there any indication the date this will happen ?
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    Mannys Beach Club Improvements Needed

    I took my parents there today. The restrooms near the pool are deplorable...cabinet doors broken off the hinges, toilet paper non existent in the woman's, etc. Maybe if they upped their drink prices a bit closer to $10.00, up from $5.00 each, basic maintenance would become affordable. As for...
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    Sam's Club has a very nice Spanish champagne in a dark green bottle with large bold name of BRUT written in yellow, with yellow foil. It is quite dry and at 69 pesos, a true bargain.
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    Complete water pump system for sale

    This last summer after we left Penasco in late June we had a new water pump installed. The worker installed one too small for our two level home with 11 ft ceilings, and the water pressure is too low on the 2nd floor. We therefore have to replace it. It has been used for the 3 weeks we have...
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    Inexpensive Lots For Sale With Seller Financing

    We are winding down our real estate holdings and have 6 lots remaining. The asking prices range from $6900 to $59,000. 3 are located in El Mirador and 3 are in San Rafael in eastern Penasco. We have owned all of them for 10 years or more and all are properly titled, with taxes paid up to date...
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    Where were the bodies found ?
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    2001 Chev Silverado 2500 LT HD Crew Cab 2 WD With Low Miles

    We have had this truck since 2009 and it is stored in Rocky Point. It has 132,000 miles and a clear notarized Az title. This truck came from the factory with every available option including tow package, leather, dual p seats, running boards, etc, etc. It has a new battery and new black paint...
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    Fish stall in Mirador

    The bars on Sandy Beach were getting a bit boring, not being close to the water, so we ventured over to Mannies. Prices outside happy hour are higher than expected. On the street on the same side of the street is a new fish stall, apparently just getting started. If their prices and scales are...
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    No Alcohol

    Bodega/Walmart is in it's 4th week with little to no alcohol on the shelves. Leys went almost 1 month with almost nothing ( not one bottle of rum or vodka ) but has now this week stocked with unknown and expensive brands of rum and brandy, but no vodka. 246 P for 750 ML of no name rum is pricey...
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    Notary needed

    Does anyone know of a notary in Penasco, American or Mexican, who can notarize my signature on a 1 page document for a reasonable fee ? Thanks 480-445-9323
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    Sea Ray Boat and Chev Pickup For Sale

    This 2007 boat is the Sundeck model, 24 ft., certified to carry 12 persons. It has 130 hours since new and has always been stored inside in Rocky Point since we got it in 2009 with 25 hours. It was originally a California lake boat and we installed a closed fresh water cooling system and a dual...
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    Avenue Sinaloa fruit and veggie shop

    This business, on Ave Sinaloa between the railroad tracks and Kino Blvd, has been selling decent quality produce at competitive prices for a few years, and has gradually expanded the inventory to include some meats and cheeses, etc. However, they seem to have developed a problem with cleanliness...
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    electric stove

    Looking for a working electric 30' STOVE
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    I believe the home port will result in a downturn of real estate prices in some locations. Prior to the paving of the road from the border to Penasco, San Carlos and Kino Bay were considered the "must see and stay" Mexican destination in these parts. Almost immediately on the road being open...
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    Fish Wardens

    I don't want to see any of you great white USA fishers get into trouble so you should know any bragging about how many hundred fish faces or fish pounds you got into the boat might be monitored on this site by the Mexican authorities. My son talked to the Safe Harbor boat dock guys yesterday...
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    whale watching The international standard, enforced in most parts of the world, is 100 ft distance from the closest and most recent sighting.
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    Yummi Salads

    Food Not to Be Missed Although it's been in business for a while, we had overlooked it until today. We are sorry now it took us so long to experience the awesome food at Yummy Salads, on Fremont across the street from Don Julio's, in the sidewalk-front plaza space where Bancomer Bank hung it's...
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    New Restuarant

    New Restaurant/Grand Opening March 1 @ noon. Frenchy's located at Louie and Kim's former El Greco. Menu looks superb.