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  1. Kelney

    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    Are they ever going to splash the boat in your last picture Stu? They have been building that boat for about 10 years now.
  2. Kelney

    Playa de Oro Suites

    The difference appears to be no beach view from these suites. Drinking a beer from the patio appears to be a view of the RV lot. Not the most appealing to me but I am not everyone. I hope they do well as it does look nice.
  3. Kelney

    Fishing withdrawal

    A quick question for the inshore fisherman. I am heading down this weekend and would love to wet a line. Can I launch my float tube around the Cholla or competition hill area without getting arrested? My wife would rather not have to bail me out of jail even though I am game. I need to fish.
  4. Kelney

    Who was here in the beginning?

    I recall the original forum. You could post under any name if you wanted. I did several under Sheriff Joe.. The second forum was great. There were a lot of great contributors as I primarily followed it for the fishing. I do miss the reports and posts from Ric, Audi and the general forum posts...
  5. Kelney

    Fishing withdrawal

    Sounded like you could have snuck into RP with a lot less effort!
  6. Kelney

    Fishing withdrawal

    Don't be planning any trips soon via the San Carlos Res. They have closed the place off to us non-tribal members for the time being. It really is a place for anyone that loves the outdoors to visit at some point in their life. I know it primarily from hunting but they have some fishy looking waters.
  7. Kelney

    Sea damaged home

    I believe this was just a combination of a super moon (Very high tides) and high winds. Bad combo.
  8. Kelney

    ATN OFF ROADERS! Perfect Rocky Point Off Road Vehicle - 256k Beware!

    Nice write up! Looks like a lot of great work was put behind your rebuild. I always thought about doing the poker run in my Jeep TJ but was never to sure about doing organized off road events. I usually get off road to get away from people. Sounds like a lot of fun though.
  9. Kelney

    Corvina at the Estuary

    Thanks for the report. Unfortunately there will now be five pangas netting the corvina overnight!
  10. Kelney

    San Carlos fishing charter

    I have only been to SC once but I do follow the fishing scene there as I hope to have a retirement home there one of these days. The two that I would consider myself are: Fernando at Catch 22 and Brian with Margarita Sportfishing.
  11. Kelney

    Caught for a nice group for south of bird Island.

    Nice variety of fish. What bait were the reds and YT hitting?
  12. Kelney

    Cholla Bay Slay Ride

    Very nice Joe.
  13. Kelney

    Salt Water Convert

    You may get more feedback upstairs in the fishing forum. There is also some older post on shore fishing hat should help you. I was you about 16 years ago. I just used what I had for fresh water and got hooked on RP fishing. Even though I have a boat for offshore fishing, I still enjoy fishing...
  14. Kelney


    Well, nothing better to liven up the place like a bipolar sociopath. This place was getting a little dull. Can't even get a fishing report anymore.
  15. Kelney they come!

    I loved a quote by Dan (dmcauley) years ago that I still reflect on, "I love Rocky Point 51 weeks out of the year."
  16. Kelney

    Airslot Project.

    Looks great. Love to see pics of the interior.
  17. Kelney


    I just got back from an offshore trip on Monday. Due to a breeze coming from the South, I decided to hit to the reefs to the West. Fishing was slow with a combination of fishing with live bait and jigging. All of a sudden around 4:30 PM the bite took off and we loaded up on 1 12lb flounder and...
  18. Kelney

    Airslot Project.

    Looking forward to you posting progress photos. I love to see these old classics get restored.
  19. Kelney


    That was what the Rants and Raves was actually for. It worked even though it wasn't for every ones taste apparently.
  20. Kelney

    Should we move this webpage to a Facebook group?

    In ID Jerry? Thought you would have picked a more liberal state to spend your out of state dollars on. Unless your hanging in the Kalifornia metropolis of Boise. Jerry, I like your opinions concerning our beloved RP but you come across as a bitter old hateful liberal when it comes to anything...