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  1. La Huerita

    Our friend, Lady Jeeper.

    I miss her, too. I get a big lump in my throat every time I think of her - which is often. She was such a unique and beautiful person in every possible way, filled with generosity and kindness - and she never ran out of stories to tell or concern for her friends and family - or the occasional...
  2. La Huerita

    Vidanta Cruises

    Have any of you been hearing anything from Grupo Vidanta about their new luxury cruise line? I was following news about it for a while about a year ago but finally kind of lost interest. The ship, now named Vidanta Elegant, was undergoing major retrofitting and stuff (stripped it and rebuilt it...
  3. La Huerita

    Las Perlas?

    Behind LC, MIRAMAR. If you visit the company's new website (boy does it suck, lol) you'll see. Under its "Projects" link all it shows is Las Perlas. There are several photos, beneath one of which is this text: Homes in the area We have close to 700 Homes in the area. That is 700 american homes...
  4. La Huerita

    Las Perlas?

    OK, here's the thing. I ran across a recent press release from a company named Alumifuel Power Corporation (OTC MARKETS: AFPW) to the effect that the company had announced on July 31, 2018 that it appointed Pedro Villagran-Garcia, as its new President-CEO and sole Director. Once that was done...
  5. La Huerita

    Chari Ainsworth, our Lady Jeeper.

    Oh man! I knew she'd been having health issues for quite a while, but this shocks me and makes me very sad. Chari didn't have a mean bone in her body and had such a droll sense of humor; I was hoping that she really would write a little book with all of her funny stories in it. She was a decade...
  6. La Huerita

    Esmeralda Resort Ribbon Cutting

    Hasn't anyone noticed this press release for the Esmeralda? Or did I just miss it? This is a good sign, right? Ribbon Cutting Signals the Newest Luxury Vacation Destination in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico PHOENIX, Nov. 3, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Under new ownership! Esmeralda Luxury Resort recently...
  7. La Huerita

    La Bella Vita development?

    Thanks for the input, everyone!
  8. La Huerita

    La Bella Vita development?

    LOL. So, I guess no movement has been noticed on this? More pie in the sky?
  9. La Huerita

    La Bella Vita development?

    A press release from Feb. 2016 said Leslie Hospitality was going to redevelop the La Bella Vita development at Playa la Jolla starting in mid 2016 and would rebrand it as Costa de Cielo. It was originally going to offer both fractional and whole ownership. The domain name for the website...
  10. La Huerita

    PGR going after an illegal casino in PP?

    Being a cynic, I assumed that there was an issue concerning mordida or something along those lines... But that's just me. I could be wrong. ;)
  11. La Huerita

    PGR going after an illegal casino in PP?

    I saw this press release from PGR when I was on their website for an unrelated reason. Anyone know anything about it? The names of the two men who were "secured"? Where is that casino? (Google Translate) PGR completing a search warrant at a casino located in Puerto Penasco, Sonora - 12/11/2016...
  12. La Huerita

    La Bella Vita getting a new name and a new "Inn"

    Omaha, Nebraska (PRWEB) February 25, 2016 --- Starting in mid-2016, Leslie Hospitality, in partnership with LBV Holdings LTD.-Sam Z. Sidhom from Alberta, Canada, will begin the redevelopment and repositioning of one of the original master-planned development communities in Puerto Peñasco...
  13. La Huerita

    El Homeport(the fish rots from the head)Penasco Digital report

    Here's another version, google translated from Dossier Polition Hector Apolinar Political / Exclusive Dossier Day of publication: 12/15/2015 The announcement that the Secretariat of Communications and Transportation revoked the contract for the construction of the Home Port of Puerto Penasco...
  14. La Huerita

    Laguna Shores mentioned in article - not in a good way

    I think the author was looking at it from a professional sales person's point of view, talking about how criminally amateurish the presentation was. He said, "But I’ve seen many poorly run and operated TS marketing and sales operations throughout the world over the past few decades and this one...
  15. La Huerita

    Laguna Shores mentioned in article - not in a good way

    A video of a timeshare presentation at Laguna Shores was the prime focus of this article: Scoop du Jour: 17 Minutes and 26 Seconds of Pure Timeshare Hell! It was presented as a worst practices kind of thing that was so painful for the author to watch that he nearly vomited, lol. The video is...
  16. La Huerita

    Santo Tomas pictures

  17. La Huerita

    A blonde, A shark, A whale and the sea of cortez. Oh my!

    You gotta problem with blondes? o_O
  18. La Huerita

    Does anyone know the status of the Desert Oasis?

    I know it was closed down, but no details. A couple of years ago or so we emailed the US company owned by the asshole developer who owned Desert Oasis to ask. All we could get from the person who responded was that they no longer owned it, weren't connected with it at all --- but hey! They've...
  19. La Huerita

    Road side phones?

    The toll road from Rosarito Beach to Ensenada has had roadside phones set up every few miles for many years. I can't say if they work or not, since I never had the occasion to need one. Maybe they came in handy when that big section of the highway collapsed in December? :eek:
  20. La Huerita

    I Saw a Whale!

    I couldn't see the video. Was that a fin whale?