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    October fishing 10/19/19

    What was the charters name, number and price.
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    Fishing Posters

    Hi all Does anyone know where I can find these two posters?
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    What is this fish called? Caught it fishing from shore.

    Thank you everyone for their input on this fish that I have never caught before and to me I'm going with pinefish and the largemouth blenny.
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    bringing a boat to Mexico

    I think under 14ft all you need is title, registration. Over 14ft you need a temporary import permit and it's good for many years
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    Orca photos from Arturo dive and fish lobos

    How do I get in contact with Arturo and is he out of RP or lobos?
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    Local fishing 3-5 -16

    On Sunday I thought I saw you and Edna pass in front of the Sonoran Sun before we headed for home how did you do on Sunday?
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    Shore fishing las conchas

    I caught several of these the last two days at Los Conchas off the shore. Does anyone know the name of this fish and are they good to eat?
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    Fishing off shore week of 5/12/14

    Thanks for all your replys, We are going back this weekend going to give it another try to see what I can pull I this time.
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    I will be in RP on 6th, 7th and leaving the 8th and would like to go fishing we can split costs . Let me know. I like fishing from shore but from a boat is alot more fun!!!!
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    Fishing off shore week of 5/12/14

    This week was quite windy. I was fishing from shore in front of the Sonoran Sun. I took it to the fish market and they made a few fillets. It was tasty, white flaky meat. Has anyone else ever got something like this? I was told it was shovel nose shark.
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    Going to RP in the morning is there a number to get a hold of Pepe I have talked to him before but the number I have for him is not in service any more maybe you can help me out? thx.
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    6th Annual Fishing Tournament June 14-16

    Hi everyone: Is there anyone entering in the above tournament that might have a spot available on their boat or charter for me to participate? I've fished out of Rocky Point many times; however ths time I'm not having much luck fining a spot on a boat. If you know of anyone I might contact, or...
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    Mexican Tourist Visa

    What is the deal with the Mexican tourist visa for fishing mexican waters? How will it impact the U.S. fisherman? Where can I get one and how much will it cost? Anybody know?
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    Weather feb 24 and 13

    wishing I know exactly how you feel, the weather is perfect. Stuck here in AZ, wishing I was on the Sea of Cortez fishing. But, it's my step-son's birthday and we're celebrating at home (waaah).
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    Boat Input/Recommendations Welcomed

    Thanks for the recommendation. That's about $9K more than I can spend right now. If possible, I would still like to go out fishing with you. I have a four door truck, I can drive us to RP.
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    Boat Input/Recommendations Welcomed

    Both boats are approx. $8K to $10K w/ 250 hours on the motors.
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    Boat Input/Recommendations Welcomed

    For the last couple of years I have been looking at various boats to purchase one. I'm getting close to actually looking at a few now. One is a 2002 18ft. trophy boat w/ a 115 hp mercury 4 stroke and the other is a 1998 21ft. trophy boat w/ a 150 hp 2 stroke. Both have a walk-a-round cuddys...
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    tony reyes

    The tony reyes fishing tours out of san felipe are they worth the time and the money? I was wondering if any one has been on one of the trips and if so did they injoy themselves and was it worth it?
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    Any one for fishing

    Hi, are you still thinking about fishing this weekend? I'm still interested. Email me for my contact info at [email protected] so that we can be in touch if you do decide to go. Thanks for your time/consideration.