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    Trivia Question

    A neighbor out in Playa Dorada is planning a beach wedding next month. Does anyone know of an English speaking priest or minister willing to do the honors?
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    Wildlife -- Advice?

    A pelican just wandered into our garage (southeast of Penasco) . . . . standing there looking at us . . . . very tame . . . . won't leave. Probably ill, but I'm not one to watch / harbor sick and dying wildlife. Any place in town that might care for it? I'd even be willing to transport. . . .
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    CFE Payments

    Those home owners who don't live here 24/7, and who therefore maintain a cushion (negative balance due) in their CFE electrical account might want to keep an eye open. Our account suddenly showed a zero (rather than negative) balance on this month's statement. There had been enough funds in...
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    What's with the southbound interrogation?

    Got to the southbound border around 11:15 am. There was a backup . . . short line but long wait. No US patrol at the southbound gate, so it wasn’t them. No delay at the Mexico “red light / green light,” so shrugged and proceeded. Then, approaching the “tourist / visa” office building, the...
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    So What's Up With This?

    We crossed the border southward, got the green light, but apparently when a guard spotted our two dogs, they motioned us over. Lately we’ve experienced these doggy-paperwork checkpoints, so we were not all that surprised . . . until,that is, they asked for driver’s license in addition to the...
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    Press release from Periodico De Frente on Facebook

    FOUND FOUR SEMI BURIED BODIES Showed all the signs of execution Four decomposed bodies, apparently executed, were found at 17: 00 hours of Monday 28 of this month, near the so-called "Ostioneras", located about six miles from the coastal road heading to Caborca, South of Puerto Peñasco...