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  1. brokenwave

    Trip Report Oct 16th.

    It's Friday Oct 16th, well My wife decided we needed a break from our adult age children so we packed up and went to our place in Cholla. We left at 7AM, hit Why at 9:30AM and the Why Not store gas station was packed. We waited our turn gassed up and hit the border at 10AM. We let a couple of...
  2. brokenwave

    Covid-19 is mutating again??

    Just when we were hoping the worst of Covid-19 had passed, Well it seems like it's mutating again, allowing itself to get around face masks and hand washing protection. How?? I guess we will find out. There are only 2 studies on this so far, that are suggesting this new strain is more...
  3. brokenwave

    Trip report Aug 8, 2020

    Here is my trip report for my latest venture into Penasco. We left NE Phx area at 6:15am Saturday, stopped in Why to gas up. Hit Sonoyta at 9am, 2 cars in front of us, we got a green light and also got waved thru the military check point. No questions asked here. Gas prices were 15.35 pesos per...
  4. brokenwave

    Satisfied Frog shutting down

    I just saw that the Satisfied Frog is going to close permanently this weekend. Sad to hear. I wonder how many other places that have been around for awhile will survive the shutdown in Mexico and everywhere else.
  5. brokenwave

    Importance of Social Distancing

    Just in case there are people who feel they can do as they want, Here is a link to a commercial to demonstrate why Social Distancing matters with the CV-19. From Ohio's Dept of Health...
  6. brokenwave

    Found a great Panaderia

    I stumbled upon this great Panaderia, Panaderia Artesanal “La Tapatia Been around since 1950. They bake everything in a wood fired oven. Sweet stuff comes out of the oven around 11:30am and the Bolito's rolls come out around 12:40pm. The very best Bolito's I've ever had, 9 pastry breads and 6...
  7. brokenwave

    Rocket launch

    FYI, There could be a Rocket launch tonight from California with excellent viewing in Penasco, liftoff time is 9:19 PM Penasco time. Right now chances are 50/50 due to high winds. They are always fun to see, should be good viewing in AZ, CA and Northern Mexico.
  8. brokenwave

    The Cholla Oyster House

    We discovered a great restaurant in Cholla Bay. The Cholla Oyster House, located on the main road through Cholla about one block before getting to JJ's. It brings a new level of dining to Cholla. It has a great atmosphere, wonderful view of the bay in Cholla, food is pretty good mostly pasta...
  9. brokenwave

    Telmex Internet

    Has anyone had Telmex internet installed recently? I want to install it at my place in Cholla and have been told there is a waiting list for it. Anyone experienced this, I would appreciate any info. Thanks
  10. brokenwave

    Highway 8 Pot holes

    Warning, Driving back to Phx last Sat. noticed the usual pot holes have increased drastically some are 4" deep. Both sides of the road from approx. km 40 to km 20, six areas affected . Areas around km 22-32, before and after they re-coated the road it's bad. Some of the holes look to be 4...
  11. brokenwave

    Peso exchange rates

    Here are the peso rates we have received during the past 6 days, Peso has been 18.75 -19,12, ATM's (using a US Capitol One debit card after all fees). Banamex ATM inside Super Norte 18.55, Banorte 17.68, Intercam Bank 18.45, Stores, change from a $50. Sam's Club 18.50, they grumbled a bit...
  12. brokenwave

    Cholla Bay water and sewer update

    Here is an update on the long overdue water and sewer improvements in Cholla. Sounds like, they took the money and Don't hold your breath. Has anyone noticed any construction activity on the Esmerelda happening? This is quoted from the April Cholla HOA meeting minutes. Quote"Mr. Dugan gave a...
  13. brokenwave

    Windy Weather this weekend

    I left Cholla today at 12:30PM on my way back to Phx. There was a ton of traffic coming down south today. Saw over 15 sets of Jetski's being towed, saw 4-5 sail boats and about 5 boats. If anyone expects to be in the water this weekend, Good Luck with very windy conditions, gusts to 40-50mph...
  14. brokenwave

    Bank exchange rates at ATM

    I withdrew some peso's at Banorte on Monday using a no fee US debit card from my US dollar account. When I was completing my ATM withdrawal there was a message saying that I will be receiving 17.98 peso's per 1 dollar. ( That didn't happen during my last Banorte ATM visit 4 weeks ago) Well...
  15. brokenwave

    Laptop Repair

    Needing a computer repair place, I read about one here a few months ago? I'm pretty sure I saw a post about one a few months ago, I searched and found Nada. I have a 1 1/2 year old HP laptop that died while charging. Battery and charger or fine. Thanks
  16. brokenwave

    Spring Break 2017

    Looks like RP officials are projecting 150,000 party animals (or even normal folk) will visit over the next few weeks. (per RP360 article) Since SB started this past weekend, How's the influx looking to those in RP now? I'm coming down on Saturday for a week and will report what I have seen...
  17. brokenwave

    Rants and Rave threads

    To the Admin's, Tyler and Stuart. Is there a way to flag the R&R posts so they don't show up as recent activity to all. Put it in it's place where it can be only viewed by going into R&R. The current crop of them have Zero to do with what this forum is about, I don't have a problem with R&R...
  18. brokenwave

    Air Show this weekend

    Found this at RP360, looks like there will be an air show along with the RP rally this weekend.
  19. brokenwave

    Any new Internet service in town?

    I was wondering if there are any new internet/tv services offered in RP. I was told IZZI Tele was going to provide TV/Internet/phone service to RP a couple of years ago. It looked pretty affordable.
  20. brokenwave

    Driving from San Diego

    How is the drive from San Diego going through Mexicali via the coastal highway? I have a PM to Rick aka Pinto Point about this. I going to Cholla on Monday and would like some insight from anyone who had driven that way. I am open to alternatives. I've only entered through Sonyota. So any info...