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  1. tequilatodd

    Banditos got shut down??

    I have had several occasions where I took my kids there to eat and hang out. They would usually end up going out back play corn hole or whatever game was out there. However, I did notice last time we were there, that they kicked out the kids after 10pm. Which is how a lot of bars are here.
  2. tequilatodd

    Interesting border crossing incident

    It would truly suck. You would have no way of knowing someone had planted them and how could you prove your innocence.
  3. tequilatodd

    El Homeport(the fish rots from the head)Penasco Digital report

    Water taxi could be a bit of a bumpy ride Would make a great site for a fireworks show Maybe Boomerfest 2017 could find a use for it
  4. tequilatodd

    Interesting border crossing incident

    Yes.... Asking first would prob be a good idea.
  5. tequilatodd

    What is your favorite restaurant for breakfast?

    I'll stick with Max's Café across from Peñasco del Sol for the bloody mary. Their hangover burrito is good. All their food is good. :)
  6. tequilatodd

    Interesting border crossing incident

    Agreed!!! That is a crappy way to end a nice week in RP. Who knows!?!?! Someone could easily use your car as a mule and then catch up to you after you cross the boarder and retrieve their package. I'm sure it's happened already.
  7. tequilatodd

    Restaurant Map

    Hey Denise. Where ya been? When is your next trip?
  8. tequilatodd

    Fishing Guide Services

    How did your fishing trip go?
  9. tequilatodd

    Sandy Beach and the Jetty

    ditto on the cotton harvest. I worked in Gilbert for many years and if any of you know, they have/had a lot of cotton fields. I fought them every year.
  10. tequilatodd

    RCPM Weekend!

    what a great time we had. Came down Sat morning. Checked out the new bar Tekila in Old Port for lunch. Nice place. Beware of the stairs. Black Moods and Ghetto Cowgirl to start off the evening at Beach Bum then it was off to Banditos for a great time with Roger and the band.
  11. tequilatodd

    Flights into RP

    He's in the Air Force. So in theory, if PP had military transports flying in a out, then maybe he could hitch a ride. US (or whomever) needs to get this air travel into PP figured out so all the cruise ship passengers can get there without having to drive.
  12. tequilatodd

    Flights into RP

    back to this subject. I have a friend that is in the military and he wants to got to RP. So they tell him he can't cross on land. (no idea why) But if he can get a flight in, then its all good. So what flights can he get?
  13. tequilatodd

    Flights into RP

    Guess not. Their website had an initial price of $350 round trip. When I called and she said $4500 for the charter.... I about $H!t myself. I thought someone had mentioned a flight out of Vegas.
  14. tequilatodd

    Flights into RP

    I know this an old topic....just looking for some new information. Are there any flights from anywhere that are direct to RP? I was only able to find this 9 passenger charter called WestWind in Scottsdale for $4500. $500 a seat (if you could get 8 other people to split it with you). Not even...
  15. tequilatodd

    RV parks

    so is The Reef RV park closed now or just not recommended? About 10 years ago, I was very close to setting up camp there. I know....10 years ago
  16. tequilatodd

    Border wait Labor day

    I stopped going to SD about 12 years ago. Wait!!!........that's around the same time I started vacationing in RP. In fact, I can't even remember the last time I was in Cali.
  17. tequilatodd

    Border wait Labor day

    AMEN BROTHER!!!!!!!
  18. tequilatodd

    Border wait Labor day

    Call in sick and come back on Tuesday :-)
  19. tequilatodd

    9/4/2015 Long Border Wait

    wonder how bad it will be on coming home monday? I say stay and extra day :-)
  20. tequilatodd

    Adobe Photoshop Ps6

    SPAMBOT ALERT!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: