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  1. mexicanbeachbum

    What I love about Rocky Point?

    I enjoyed the positive comments so much, I wrote a blog about it. Keeping up the positive momentum is awesome. No room for negativity and cry babies. We have so much to be grateful for. Rocky Point has the best of both worlds, Mexico and so close to the U.S. Many years ago I was coming here...
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    I don't know if I am too late to add, but ask for Gustavo, the business has been a family business for years. He is also the Chamber of commerce president now. He really cares about Penasco. I volunteered to make their website and I trained him, he has done very well on it and they have been...
  3. mexicanbeachbum

    Survey about tourism in Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point

    Navil, I emailed you my survey. Hope you get more! I see more members have filled out your survey, awesome. I look forward to meeting you when you come to Peñasco. Mucha suerte.
  4. mexicanbeachbum

    Old Photos, Rocky Point

    I have been gathering these, added to my website, hope it comes out OK:
  5. mexicanbeachbum

    1966 personal map

    Love this!!! Thanks for sharing. Full size at
  6. mexicanbeachbum

    Calle 13 & 12 - paving

    wow, I thought I was looking at an old post, getting familiar with this forum, then was going to reply, and "poof" I just saw Roberto's post!! I was in the area last night and yes, Roberto is on the money. It's looking good!!
  7. mexicanbeachbum

    Survey about tourism in Puerto Peñasco/Rocky Point

    Navil, Thank you for asking for help with your questions!! I see that over 100 people have viewed your request, but none yet have answered your questions, at least not within the forum. Please do not apologize for your spelling, I think you are great! I love to help students! If you email me...
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    Any homes for sale by owner?

    ROBERTO, please tell me where you see this definition, is it in the Rocky Point AMPI site or another city? If you can, please give me the link so I can investigate. I am a web girl, and if I see errors, I often give feedback to webmasters. Thanks!!!!
  9. mexicanbeachbum

    Any homes for sale by owner?

    Hi Dina and Chris, I am happy to hear you are moving here to Rocky Point! I am also happy to see that you reached out for advice, and that there are caring people offering advice, their experiences, and links to Real estate agent sites and recommendations. I am familiar with the majority of the...