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    Kayaks for sale.

    I know Sams has a few smaller kayaks for sale but would prefer a tandem sit on top. Any privately for sale in town or is there a watersport store i dont know about? Ant help would be appreciated.
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    Bus Accident Boxing Team

    Any one hear anything about a bus accident with a youths boxing team out of PP?
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    bank reccomendation

    Finally got residency and starting to make a small amount on the rental. Any experiences with the local banks to start a small savings account?
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    lease or purchase car in mexico?

    My daughter will be taking a 1 year job in Mexico city. She wants to meet us in PP and lease or buy a car. Are there any used car lots or dealers in PP or will we need to travel to Hermosillo? I do remember Buffalo rentals there but don't know if they lease long term. Thank You all.