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    Someone better hurry, build that port! Link to Article in USA Today.
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    Shrimp Prices

    If anyone goes into the fish products place near Burger KIng could you take a picture of the price board and post on here? I haven't been done for awhile and everyone wants fish. Mary
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    We went to Mazatlan in Nov. Though getting back might be a problem so stayed night in Hermisillo and left early next morning to go thru the commercial port. It was just the same as it has always been. Monday am and I believe they had all the lanes open. Friends coming back thru San Diego...
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    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    I bought at the Villages. My lots was paid for and my money went to build someone else house. I can't even get a deed to the lot I paid for. If it ain't built do not buy it.
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    rentals on sandy beach available

    SCAM Some people rented a house they saw on craigslist. 2 bed/2bath close to beach in Los Conchos. They had a confirmation from owner and a real estate company name. When they got to the real estate office, they were told that they had no reservation or payment for them. They showed them...
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    What are the chances the Gov't will close Lukeville?

    I need to go down but I am worried about being stuck down in Penasco.
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    We just drove back from Mazatlan. We were warned that we would have problems. We stayed at Hermisillo and left the next morning. Lots of Army on the road. We had no problem at all. We were stopped and everyone was very polite. We had a flat tire one year going to Mazatlan and about 4...
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    Mirgant train may pass through Penasco??

    We drove the Mazatlán for 9 days. We checked everyday. We came back thru Nogales and there was no problem. The news in Mexico said they were crossing into CA. (Better benefits than AZ)
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    Import taxes

    When I furnished my Bella unit many years ago, the guy that hauled all my stuff down did all the paperwork. He picked it up from my garage in Green Valley and took it down. I met him at the unit and they unloaded everything. Now you know how old Bella is, so you won't pass out when I tell you...
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    I am driving to Mazatlan for 10 days the 1st of Oct. Mazatlan Chat has nothing on it about the border. I guess they are all there and not going anywhere. Seeing how much traffic is going both ways in Nogales, it is hard to think of them closing the commercial border, It is not a walk across...
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    We are driving to Mazatlan next week. There doesn't seem to be a problem going down and by the time we come back some of the problems should be solved.
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    When owning a condo in Rocky Point, who do you pay taxes on income to?

    I have Seaside manage my condo at Bella. They pay all the taxes and fees. I've owned 4 places there over time and you want to make sure everything gets paid. I heard that someone at LP didn't pay any taxes(they rented it themselves) and when they sold they got fined a lot of money.
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    Another load of books

    It is great that we are all making this work.
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    Another load of books

    Thank you I will go talk to them. The library at the Newspaper has really grown. Alot of people still do not know about all the books they have.
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    Another load of books

    When I was getting all the books at the used bookstore to bring down to the newspaper. I got request for children's books. I am in Green Valley AZ and have had not a lot of luck picking up kids books to put at the library in the RPTimes. It would be great a some of us could get a few...
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    Travel Warning

    Some one told me today that there were travel warning issued by Mexico about travel to Portland Or. Those of us from Oregon would like to know where it was. We get warning about traveling in Mexico all the time but still go. Did anyone see it?
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    San Carlos vs Rocky Point

    I remember all the boat. A lot of sailboats.
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    Mayan Palace

    Wow You would need a boat. My friend is going to come down with me in Tax Season because my husband will be in the office 24/7. She was going to come to Mazatlan with us in Nov but couldn't get a a decent flight out of Portland and we drive down. So I told fly to Tucson and we will go to...
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    Mayan Palace

    I have a friend that is coming down from Oregon for a week. Last time she came, we went out to Mayan Palace for Lunch. This was 6 or 7 years ago. We were told we had to go to a sales presentation first. Is that still the same??
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    San Carlos vs Rocky Point

    We are driving to Mazatlan. I emailed a friend in San Carlos about dropping by. She said not to come. Police and Army all over the place. She siad it is good but a real hassle getting around. I guess that answer my question RP or San Carlos.