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  1. brokenwave

    Someone better hurry, build that port!

    I wonder where all the passengers who drive down will park their cars during the 11 days they're at sea. Parking space is pretty limited around the marina.
  2. brokenwave

    Someone better hurry, build that port!

    We shall see how much of the $13 million that Gov. Pavlovich is to receive from the Mexican Fed Govt ends up actually being spent on the Cruise port.
  3. brokenwave

    Someone better hurry, build that port!

    Pretty expensive For an ocean view, Jr suite is $4300 per person. Std twin room is almost $2k, Old ship with small rooms. I like the idea of using small capacity ships. Good luck to them.
  4. brokenwave

    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    There are many signs on the resort road advertising Esmerlda units for sale. On Friday I saw about 25 cars in the fenced off parking lots for workers
  5. brokenwave

    Rocket launch

    It was scrubbed again, Space flight site said a few more days to prepare it again for launch.
  6. brokenwave

    Rocket launch

    The launch was scrubbed for tonight, going to try again on Sat. night. Lift off is at 9:06 PM tonight if all goes well. Look to the west.
  7. brokenwave

    Rocket launch

    FYI, There could be a Rocket launch tonight from California with excellent viewing in Penasco, liftoff time is 9:19 PM Penasco time. Right now chances are 50/50 due to high winds. They are always fun to see, should be good viewing in AZ, CA and Northern Mexico.
  8. brokenwave

    Traveling to Rocky Point for the first time. Plan to do it this winter

    The thing I dislike about the reef RV park is you have to look at the unfinished cluster called the cruise port jetty. Used to love going over there just to day camp and use the beach for ($20). After they closed access to Sandy Beach.
  9. brokenwave

    Best place to exchange for Pesos

    Get them from an Banamex ATM, at the SuperNorte grocery store across from Sam's club gave me 20.1 -1 on Sat. ATM Fee was 30 pesos. I used a no fee foreign transaction debit card from Capitol One. There are other US banks that do the same, Bank America does from their Mexico partner banks...
  10. brokenwave

    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    Maybe bus them up to Ajo and have them stay in the 20-$200K trailers and 21-$600K houses that HSA built 5 years ago that nobody is living in.:thumbsup:
  11. brokenwave

    New internet service

    It's the same service as what SBR in Cholla is using. I'm getting 6mbs and 1.3mbs up speeds. It will stream much better than Telmex when I tried using it.
  12. brokenwave


    Combination of the all the rain and time of the year, they can get bad in April-early June and again when the weather cools in Oct-Nov. How are the mosquito's? I figured they would be getting bad by now because of the rain, only saw a coupe of them in Cholla 2 weeks ago.
  13. brokenwave

    Chari Ainsworth, our Lady Jeeper.

    She will be missed, such a great person. Her forum badge was classic.
  14. brokenwave

    Telmex Internet

    I checked with Telcel and because I don't have a CC from Mexico yet I couldn't apply for the Telcel internet service, So, I had the Satellite Internet installed by Aron Browns company on my house in Cholla, the basic package is $250 to install and $40 per month. I am happy to report I'm...
  15. brokenwave

    Shrimp Prices

    The guy driving around Cholla is asking $9 for jumbos and $7 for med large.
  16. brokenwave


    Sat. evening there is a strong line of storms heading to Penasco from Baja. It looks really dark from my place in Cholla. Hopefully a quick passing storm. 8:05pm It just started to rain with lightning and thunder.
  17. brokenwave

    Sergio and Cholla Bay

    As Russ said, many washed out roads, but SBR and Cholla HOA working hard to repair them. Give them a week it will look like Nada happened.
  18. brokenwave

    The peninsula that turned into an island

    Cute, the beers are adding up from previous post. LOL
  19. brokenwave


    Here is a link for a weather station in Cholla, close to Oxchilles restaurant. Shows 4.97 today and .77 yesterday. Pretty close to 6" and from all the washed out roads I saw today coming in to Cholla, believe it. Scroll down a little on the left side...
  20. brokenwave

    The peninsula that turned into an island

    Until CFE cuts the power, Hope you have a generator to keep the Cerveza cold.:) Is that a self filling Michelada beer holder?