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  1. Old55

    EL Golfo (the humid armpit of the Vermillion sea)

    Good take from a person with knowledge and kinship to the is fun....
  2. Old55

    On the Mexico Election

    Jorge Pivac ( a good guy) won the local race for the Coalition.....Padilla ( another good guy) the brown candidate is pissed.....
  3. Old55

    Made It to The Big Leagues

    My buddy has one like it in Beaufort is awesome in the tide flats ,rivers and inland stuff....gets dicey near Paris Island...
  4. Old55

    Made It to The Big Leagues

    the 136 might be ok for jaunts to Lobos. The sound of a steep price
  5. Old55

    On the Mexico Election

    On some issues we now have a Leftist governor in Sonora....interesting...
  6. Old55

    Sea of Cortez Grouper- population and biology research and resources

    You get way more like this these days than the big ones....the ST boys were down in Lobos yesterday until it got too windy
  7. Old55

    On the Mexico Election

    Locally...really close but looks like by hook and crook ( a picture of you and your ballot got cash from the old boys that run this town ) the party in power stays in power ..side note A Mexican Green party got According to the Prep JORGE PIVAC ADVENTAGE WITH 377 DR VOTES. PADILLA A...
  8. Old55

    On the Mexico Election

    Morena lost some steam and maybe the super majority in the lower house.They picked up the Govenor of Sonora ...
  9. Old55

    Stupid idea or useful....leaning toward stupid....peeing at night looks problematic

    A friend works at the Hermosilio Ford plant....says they are putting a turbo in this little beauty....
  10. Old55

    Encantame Towers

    Walked around a few weeks ago...the pool will be nice
  11. Old55

    On the Mexico Election Good take on how its looking...
  12. Old55

    On the Mexico Election

    He is making a mistake on this one:
  13. Old55

    Baja Ferries ends Santa Rosalia-Guaymas trip

    Darn it I put it off , then covid hit then Poof!
  14. Old55

    On the Mexico Election

    They are cheerleaders for the Neoliberals that ran the Mexican middle class into the ground.The straight reporting is usually good but that editorial For a leftist take on Amlo
  15. Old55

    Trip Report 4/24-26 w/Obligatory Pics

    Great report sir
  16. Old55

    On the Mexico Election

    Wall Street Journal says turn right on reflex I’d turn left....but Obrador is an odd duck....that train project is just stupid
  17. Old55

    Last night's Lunar Eclipse

    Great shot! What did you use?
  18. Old55

    Corvina Slam! Hector from Cottonwood a shore fisherman pro...

    Sorry ...but the report is encouragine.....guys did great 8 miles out too...bad news is Daniel that ran the restaurant at ST left.....
  19. Old55

    Getting around this to fish at the old Liberty Cove

    Sad stuff. You just missed the action last Wednesday in the afternoon 4 trucks filled with maybe 20 gunmen roared into Desemboque with a list of people to kill as the newly heated up cartel war in Desemboque took four more lives ....unsafe at night still ...trucks full of gunmen from Caborca...