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  1. fatboyharley

    Encanto Living

    Any body own or know any thing about the condos at Encanto Living? Looking to sell my house and get something smaller but hate Sandy Beach.
  2. fatboyharley

    masks in RP

    don't know maybe it was because we were three good looking women but then again we also have been coming since July and they have let my husband and I come in together. He must be good looking also. lol
  3. fatboyharley

    masks in RP

    don't know what to say because on Sunday the three of us also got in on one card at the same time
  4. fatboyharley

    masks in RP

    went to sam's today with my mother and sister on one card nothing was said.
  5. fatboyharley

    Sonoyta By Pass

    Got stopped last month by three trucks in full gear on the bypass. Stopped my car, asked a few questions and then let us go. Strangest thing. No asking for money.
  6. fatboyharley


    Sorry to hear that news Did not know him well but found him an interesting man
  7. fatboyharley

    Buying a house in Las Conchas

    I also have his internet service The service and speed has been great and have never had it go down.
  8. fatboyharley

    Buying a house in Las Conchas

    When your home is a weekend get away the noise of weekend rentals ruins it for you. This is why we are thinking of selling.
  9. fatboyharley

    Buying a house in Las Conchas

    well sea walls won't fall into the ocean like at LC lol
  10. fatboyharley

    Buying a house in Las Conchas

    We are thinking of going to Islas just because it appears to be much quieter
  11. fatboyharley

    Buying a house in Las Conchas

    i own in las conchas for 15 years and have seen the decline in the community. the water situation every summer, the renting situation since we lost our guard shack. More party houses. The driving fast on the streets. I use to love LC but now want to sell but quite frankly there are too many...
  12. fatboyharley

    5th Wheel Trailer

    derek skains had one in Swip swap scottsdale and on his own page in facebook for sale a 2015 Rewood 35rl with a make an offer
  13. fatboyharley

    Quote for a carport

    I just had a spiral staircase constructed at my home by Rocky Point Builders. I highly recommend them. They are slightly more money however there is a warranty. Their workers where there Monday thru Fiday from 8-5 and Saturday 8-12 for four weeks. I have cameras so I could see the coming and...
  14. fatboyharley

    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    I know the man. He is college educated, traveled Europe and South American besides the United States. Possibly you where describing yourself?
  15. fatboyharley

    Holiday Weekend Wait Times

    remember that the border on the US closes at 8pm currently
  16. fatboyharley

    Short cut in Sonoita

  17. fatboyharley

    Security Companies in Penasco

    I use SAS HAve not had any major issues in the years I have them
  18. fatboyharley

    Short cut in Sonoita

    no you just avoid the congestion going through town and less police travel that way
  19. fatboyharley

    Short cut in Sonoita

    going into town you can turn off to the right before the curve or you can go to the stop sign and instead of turning left and over the large bridge, turn right toward 2 and turn left on your first street
  20. fatboyharley

    Short cut in Sonoita

    Any one remember the bridge that got washed out several years ago. Great short cut to avoid the town. Well the bridge is now rebuilt, in excellent condition, with lights and they have even graded the water bed to allow the water flow below it less likely to rise and go over the new bridge. I...