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  1. Parrothead Pescador

    Beach launch boat trailer

    Homemade beach launch trailer for light boats up to 16’ long. New jack & winch. Roller bunks and balloon tires. Asking $500 USD.
  2. Parrothead Pescador

    16’ Avon RIB - Rigid Inflatable Boat.

    $4,000 USD. 50 HP two stroke Johnson. Great little skiff for chasing Yellowtail down in Lobos. Trolls like a dream. Sweet cruising speed is 24 mph, top end 29. New 12 gal gas tank. Power tilt/trim. Solid trailer with good tires.
  3. Parrothead Pescador

    Shootout in Caborca & Puerto Lobos

    Made it to Y Griega and hung out for 50 minutes waiting for Amigo to arrive via Albotros bus. Heavy traffic and lots of folks out and about with heavy police presence. Saw one burned truck on the road. Cancelled trip to Lobos and arrived safely home to Playa Miramar before 9PM. Whacked six small...
  4. Parrothead Pescador

    Shootout in Caborca & Puerto Lobos

    Does anyone have good info on the shootout/arson which happened in Caborca and Puerto Lobos yesterday? I’m planning on heading down to pick up a friend in La Griega this evening, then spend the night in Lobos before fishing Sunday.
  5. Parrothead Pescador

    Any Corvina being caught ?

    Experienced a smokin hot corvina bite last Friday 10/12 @ La Pinta estuary. I kept eight and released 20+ in less than 2 hours. My amigo Mike was releasing number 32 when I left to prepare dinner. Sorry, no pics as my phone was @ mi casa. They ran 2-3 lbs and the eight I filleted were all males.
  6. Parrothead Pescador

    Wood door outlet?

    Do any of you know of anywhere within 150 miles that builds or distributes Mexican solid wood doors? I'm planning a remodel on mi casa and need a half a dozen interior doors for the project. I don't really want to go to the bigbox stores and bring them down. Thanks for any intel Amigos!
  7. Parrothead Pescador

    Acupuncture in Penasco?

    Does anyone know of a licensed, reputable acupuncturist in Puerto Penasco?
  8. Parrothead Pescador

    Grouper Problems

    I witnessed the same thing in October when there were lots of fine filament weeds washing up. My two labs were having a ball catching 4 - 8 lb grouper in a foot of water off Playa Miramar. I grabbed a couple from them and they still had some pretty good kick left in them but something definitely...
  9. Parrothead Pescador

    Flying fish hunt

    Wow! Great footage. Those Dodo make my blood boil!!
  10. Parrothead Pescador

    Fish Story for December 19, 2015

    Sweet Jesus!! Way to whack em & stack em Shawno!
  11. Parrothead Pescador

    Cholla in the 50s

    AWESOME!! Looks like inspiration for the Pink Cadillac down on the Mirador.
  12. Parrothead Pescador

    11/14 fishing report - Santo Tomas

    Catch them trolling, jigging, or bait? How big were they? Thanks for he report & congratulations"
  13. Parrothead Pescador

    Fishing in November

    I fished Playa Miramar & La Pinta last Friday & Saturday. Did well on pompano & corvina. Lots of fun on light gear!! Biggest pompano was 3 lbs, corvina was over 4. Majority of corvina were males in the 2.5-3 lb class. Will try to post a couple pics if I can compress & download successfully?
  14. Parrothead Pescador

    Playa Miramar Grouper

    Trolling crankbaits in 30-45' of water. Lots of double strikes! Went out Tuesday and whacked 8 more, a little smaller. According to my scale, the smallest was 4.8, largest 10.4 lbs. Sorry for the pic quality but this forum will not allow me to download anything above 100kb. My digital camera...
  15. Parrothead Pescador

    Playa Miramar Grouper

    Did some trolling about a mile offshore of Playa Miramar this afternoon. Managed to pickup 3 grouper in a couple hours. Two Baya & one Sardinero. Sweet!!!
  16. Parrothead Pescador

    Penasco/Caborca Road Condition

    Surveyors were marking and new centerline yesterday w/ flourescent fluff pins. Thank God! Its way overdue and treacherous.
  17. Parrothead Pescador

    Corvina are in!!

    No problemo, the dirt road is great. The pavement on the Caborca hiway will swallow your compact however! Potholes bigger than a VW.
  18. Parrothead Pescador

    Flounder fishing?

    Had a sweet bite @ La Pinta estuary this evening! 6 pompano, 3 corvina, and 2 flounder. Not much size but lots of fun. Three of the pompano were jumping like smallmouth and clearing the water a foot! High tide with a jointed rebel was the ticket. Tight lines and go rip some lips!
  19. Parrothead Pescador

    Shawno's New Boat

    Mercy!! What a sweet outfit you have there Shawno! I am so jealous. It looked mighty fine out on the caballo the last weekend of March and based on your report it is one very efficient fishing machine. I wish you many years of tight lines and flat water while enjoying that awesome rigged...
  20. Parrothead Pescador

    Corvina are in!!

    Had a decent corvina bite last week over @ La Pinta estuary. Plus a couple flatties thrown in for a good meal. Fed 11 people within an hour of pulling these babies out of the water. YUM!!!