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  1. Stuart

    Super Hot in AZ...and not so hot in Rocky Point?

    Depends on size, for one. Most are 13 or 14 inch which means they rotate faster and generate more heat. Load range is the other factor. Nearly all are load range C. Nearly impossible to find a higher load range in the smaller sizes. Lastly, they are constructed differently. I would try to run...
  2. Stuart

    Super Hot in AZ...and not so hot in Rocky Point?

    Can't tell you how many boat trailer tires I went through over the years. Often nearly brand new. KA-blooey!
  3. Stuart

    You always hear about the best eating fish in PP but i haven't heard about the ones that you are better left throwing back.

    Usually just throw them in bucket. When the corvina run, the action is fast and furious, then the school moves along. I don't waste time messing with the fish. Get'em unhooked and in the bucket ASAP and get back to casting for another. Have literally filled a 5 gal bucket in 10 minutes, then...
  4. Stuart

    Fishing Las Conchas' side of Marua Estuary help in June

    Seconded. The back coves down past San Jorge are loaded with'em. We call them Happy Mullet because they're always jumping. You'd snag one before they ever take bait or a lure.
  5. Stuart

    Made It to The Big Leagues

    You gots your work cut out for you! I used to do all my own maintenance, too. Cheaper, and I know it was done RIGHT. Get those electronics working. VHF and sounder at minimum. My handheld GPS was more accurate than the big chartplotter I had on my boat.
  6. Stuart

    You always hear about the best eating fish in PP but i haven't heard about the ones that you are better left throwing back.

    Rubber baits work, but you better bring a wheelbarrow full of them. Triggers and sandbass tear'em right the hell up. That's why Kastmasters (single hook, white bucktail, 3/4 or 1 oz) are your best friend. Zara Spooks also work great if you can walk the dog. Throwbacks? Small sandbags and...
  7. Stuart

    ULSD in puerto penasco

    You'd probably be okay in Penasco according to this;
  8. Stuart

    Made It to The Big Leagues

    Congrats, Joe! Fatten up your wallet, you're going to need to -- you're a boat owner now!! :teehee:
  9. Stuart

    ULSD in puerto penasco

    Don't have a good current answer for you. My old 7.3 diesel didn't matter and it loved Pemex diesel. My newer 6.7 has enough range from filling up in Ajo to make it to PP and back again, so I haven't bought any diesel in PP. Assumption on my part -- a lot of the gas/diesel sold in Sonoita/PP...
  10. Stuart

    Shore fishing poll & commentary for best time of day and tide

    Fishing from shore - I always start after low tide and fish the incoming tide. Time of day doesn't really matter. Fishing from boat - Slack tides (1st qtr moon or last qtr moon). Full or new moon? Hardly worth it, requires a lot of planning and the weather to cooperate because the window...
  11. Stuart

    Fishing in Las Conchas during mother's day

    Nice catch and yummy eats! Switch to a Kastmaster. Yup. Exactly how I used to shore fish La Pinta. Throw some squid out there as the tides comes in. First corvina caught, switch and fill a bucket within a few minutes as they charge in to scour the mud reefs.
  12. Stuart

    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    Some of y'all need to cool yer jets with the politics and personal attacks. Now.
  13. Stuart

    A Special SeaShell Sunday

    Very cool! Great video, too.
  14. Stuart

    Birds of Rocky Point

    Kinda sorta, but you have to see things from the booby's perspective. Nearly all birds have an eye on each side of their head. This why you see them cock their heads from side-to-side as they analyze what they are seeing. Boobies are unique in that they have two eyes looking directly forward...
  15. Stuart

    Birds of Rocky Point

    Frigates are the fisherman's friend. While trolling for big game in a seemingly empty ocean, follow the frigates soaring high above. They will often follow a school of dorado, tuna or a solitary marlin for miles, waiting for them to feed. When you see the frigates dive from high above, there's...
  16. Stuart

    I Keep Seeing This, But...

    Has anyone actually been refused crossing the border in either direction at Lukeville? Or really even questioned about essential travel? Not to the best of my knowledge.
  17. Stuart

    Pre-Semana Santa Getaway w/Newbs

    Nice report, Joe! And no mi amigo, banning you never crossed my mind. We all have opinions and you know the saying. It's only when opinions devolve into out and out racism do I consider reaching for the ban hammer. There's a lot of bait feeding by the island. From experience, it's more likely...
  18. Stuart


    Hey, as you said, you know what you know and I gave you kudos for that, brother! I didn't demean you in any way. Hell, all I knew was shore fishing Rocky Point for years. You do have go get'em; that's something to be proud of amigo. Great job on the fab! Now don't go getting all overly...
  19. Stuart


    Let me give you what you're looking for. No disrespect to Joe; he fishes from a kayak or jetski (mostly) and the kid's gotta lotta go get'em! Kudos for that. First, a little about my fishing resume. I've been fishing the Sea of Cortez, Baja, and the Pacific coast for over 40 years. Everything...