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  1. Stuart

    I Keep Seeing This, But...

    Has anyone actually been refused crossing the border in either direction at Lukeville? Or really even questioned about essential travel? Not to the best of my knowledge.
  2. Stuart

    Merry Christmas, Loves Ya!

    Just wanted to say Feliz Navidad to all of you! I was going to head down tomorrow, but Christmas and family has different plans. Regardless, here or there, have a wonderful and safe Christmas!
  3. Stuart

    LONG Day!

    Came down yesterday. All good until we turned off 8 onto 85. Traffic at standstill. Bad accident with fatal, 85 shut down completely at 8:30 am both directions. Saw today it was a semi involved and three deaths. We turned around and went back to Casa Grande, down BIA15 through the reservation...
  4. Stuart

    To All...

    Please stay on topic. If you can't and you absolutely have to go off on a political rant about whatever (or against another member), expect your posts to be deleted as spam, which also bans you from making any future posts. I (as well as other users) are tired of seeing every damn thread turn...
  5. Stuart they come!

    Puerto Peñasco is preparing to receive more than 130 thousand vacationers in Holy Week, estimated Ernesto Munro Lopez. The mayor of the port said that they will reinforce the security of the municipality with 150 state elements and a helicopter of the Ministry of Public Security, in addition to...
  6. Stuart

    Feliz Navidad to All!

    Hope each and everyone of you have a wonderful Christmas, whether you've been naughty or nice!
  7. Stuart

    Anybody hear about this? Gruesome!

    Let's swim with the sea lions, they said. It will be fun, they said. Exactly why I never go in the water near San Jorge. Had to be a great white.
  8. Stuart

    Sending Money to Mexico

    Some of you may know I work for a bank, BBVA Compass. We are a global bank and BBVA Bancomer is the largest bank in Mexico. This came across my email today and I wanted to share it with all here, since it's huge news and can save all of you a lot of time, money, and effort if you currently (or...
  9. Stuart

    Anybody But Me Been Hearing This Ad on the Radio???

    Esmeralda... back from the dead? Have been hearing spots on KFYI all week for an outfit called IPX touting a huge investment opportunity in Rocky Point... "and with a cruise ship port nearing completion"... you don't want to miss out on this excellent investment opportunity! It's these folks...
  10. Stuart

    Fishing Report - 12/10/2016

    Fished with Audi on his boat this weekend. Bait is aplenty right now just outside the harbor. Mackerels (with some horse sardines running with them) everywhere, just watch where the birds are and you can sabiki a full bait tank in no time. We didn't get any bonefish, though. We ran out to the...
  11. Stuart


    How have I missed this place before? Didn't miss it this weekend and wow, I'm so glad! Where? Off Calle 13, going towards Sandy Beach, right across the street from where they rent the ATVs and horses. Great specials everyday, the games, good drinks, excellent staff and service. Clarke and...
  12. Stuart

    Crime - Surprised it isn't here yet...

    Here, as in a thread on this forum, which has become the sleepy little village that Penasco used to be. I'm connected with the Penasco group on Facebook and to hear them tell it, houses are getting broken into and ripped off in near epidemic fashion at the moment, even stealing pictures off the...
  13. Stuart

    Fishing Report - 08/30/2014

    Well, better late than never, right? Went down with mi amigos Audi and Dennis last Thursday to visit the sauna known at this time of year as Puerto Penasco. No issues going down or coming back. We fished Fri. and Sat. on Audi's boat, El Gato Blanco. My boat is currently resting comfortably in...
  14. Stuart

    Fish Tacos, Anyone?

    Scored this lil feller on Friday, first drop of a live rock bass at the Caballo. The fishing gods must have known I was overdue! Water was nice Friday - went in and trolled by the island, nada, zipped on down to Desombeque and tried six different marks there, nada, then cruised back to the...
  15. Stuart


    I get to go fishing? Damn I need to! I think I've managed to tell the whole world to leave me the hell alone for a few days next week. Go down and give the boat the once over and see if I can get out on the water Fri./Sat. I'm thinking some grouper hunting and trolling. Maybe troll my way out...
  16. Stuart

    The Independent

    Roger and Company's new album released today! I have to say, each new album takes time to grow on me. At first, I'm like "Eh... I dunno..." then play it again, and again and before you know it, I'm singing along. The only album I didn't have that reaction to was Americano. First time I heard...
  17. Stuart

    For Sale: My Boat!

    I post this with mixed emotions. They say the two happiest days in a boat owner's life are the day he buys it and the day he sells it. The first? Definitely true, but I'm not so sure about the second. But, it's time for me to sell it. I do plan on buying another to replace it at some point in...
  18. Stuart

    Fall Grouper Tournament

    Well, we have a tentative plan. Talked with Dave this weekend and the tournament has been funded. Best dates at the moment look like Oct. 12 and 13. Monday is Columbus Day, so some are likely to have it off from work. Fairly flat tide that weekend. No promises on the wind, obviously! More...
  19. Stuart

    Blowing Yet Again (still?)

    Friday weather here - cloudy and BLOWING. Changed a bilge pump out in the boat yesterday and thought I was gonna die of heat stroke. Thinking of heading down to La Pinta for some shore fishing today, no way the boat is going out. Oh well...
  20. Stuart

    Big Wind Sale

    Need I say more? Looks like the same crappy wind all week, Thurs. MAYBE decent... Sat. looking 15-20. <sigh> Anybody wanna buy a boat?