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    Raining in Penasco?

    Any rain yet?
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    Going to RP for first time this week!!

    Be ready for heat and humidity! This is my least favorite time to visit.
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    YouTube TV

    We tried YouTube TV in Mexico, and it said not allowed, not in US. We need to get a US VPN husband says.
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    Beached whale

    Here's the report in English
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    Baja Ferries ends Santa Rosalia-Guaymas trip

    That was on our retirement list of things to do, hope after covid in Mexico, they'll reconsider.
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    Hidden gems for good eats?

    Blue Marlin garlic flounder and shrimp quesadillas!! Breakfasr Kaffee Haus
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    I Keep Seeing This, But...

    We've gone up and back over the past year 30x. US asks us why we're going down, and we say to work on our house. Never had a problem.
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    Border Wait Times

    We learned the hard way, and ended up staying in Ajo for a night. Can't wait until the border returns to 12 am.
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    Border Wait Times

    My husband had to make a short trip to Penasco on Friday, 4/9, and the wait getting into Mexico around 12:00 pm was 1.5 hours. Anyone else having a problem? I can't imagine how bad it was around 6, and I'm wondering if anyone was impacted since the border closes at 8.
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    New Mexico border restriction?

    Last weekend, on our return to the US,the asked us why we went down several times, more pressing than in the past. We're still going down next weekend.
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    Heard Old Port was packed.
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    Question about when to kill the fish

    Question for the fishermen or fisherwomen! I got a pressure canner (not cooker) for Christmas and was looking at how to can fish. Saw several great videos, one from a woman from Alaska who cans a lot of Salmon and Tuna. She said to immediately kill the fish, then cut the gills and bleed it...
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    Covid Vaccination

    First Shingrex dose was worse for me, and yes, horrible! (Glad it's over)
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    Ok, definitely recording out trips through town!
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    We came back to Tucson recently, but on our way from Penasco, we were passed by a truck going about 90 mph. We hit Sonoyta and immediately decreased our speed to 24 mph, but about 1/2 mile into Sonoyta was the truck being pulled over by cops. I'm sure he was speeding in town as well. We have...
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    Long Newcomer Trip Report 2/2021 Part One

    Cheddar, the border is open. We've been going down the past year, no problem. Once the health border opened in September, the town was open.
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    They raise the price of some items in Puerto Peñasco

    We bring 5 gallons and dump it in the tank right before crossing into Mexico.
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    So sorry to hear this. My husband and I would often talk with him at Bryan's on Fridays, and sometimes and share a meal with interesting conversations about New Mexico.
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    Found great new restaurant Taco Chile!

    We went there again, and the owner was so happy. Its partially enclosed for the winter, delicious and incredibly cute. He gave us a drink called something like Pinocito, made of sugar cane- really good
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    Article on Mexican tourism:

    Last weekend was one of the prettiest days I've experienced on the Sea of Cortez. Thousands of pelicans, teens, cormorants and dolphins.