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    The drive from border to RP is perilous!

    We always have our dashcam on driving through Sonoyta. We go back to AZ about 2 a month and its been maybe 3 years since we have been stopped, but the last time we were we showed the officer the dashcam and asked him to watch the video and we were sent on our way. With our crossing back and...
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    It’s time to Ban Queen of Kings

    I remember when this group (prior to the popularity of Facebook) was the prime place to come for discussion and information on Penasco. There is still periodically good info but it definitely has become a place for some people to just spout nonsense and seemingly try to pick arguments for no...
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    Hopefully some day I will see it too.
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    Shoulder Riding on ave. Benemerito de las Americas Prior to US Border

    Not to be argumentative but a 2nd line on the shoulder isn’t automatically OK on Sundays according to the Sonoyta polo a chief. His comments were that at times when there gets to be too many people they will create a 2nd line for public safety reasons, primarily so that the highway does not...
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    Any Change? Covid in Puerto Penasco - Sept 2021

    So far all of the significant, peer reviewed studies show that high compliance in wearing masks significantly slows the spread of Covid. The most quoted is a recent study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. This does not negate your choice to not wear one where they...
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    How did we get to be in Rocky Point?

    What a great story!
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    Although I have yet to personally see it many people have told me they have seen bioluminescent glows at time off of both Los Conchas and Playa Encanto. It must not happen very often because I live full time in Encanto and I am still looking forward to experiencing it.
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    Any Change? Covid in Puerto Penasco - Sept 2021

    The rules are still the same. If you are going to visit follow the rules.
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    The drive from border to RP is perilous!

    I live in Penasco and go to Az at least twice a month. Be aware that in the past few months I have seen Sonoyta cops with people pulled over south of town past where the speed increases to 80kph
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    A little rain

    Out here in Playa Encanto it's been raining pretty hard all morning. The roads are a bit flooded, which happens every rain. We had our doors open but when the wind started blowing rain was coming in.
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    Encantame Towers Playa Encanto in Rocky Point - BE CAREFUL!!!!

    Just as a side note...Encantome is not only the tallest building in Penasco, it's the tallest building in the entire state of Sonora.
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    Raining in Penasco?

    In Encanto we had a typical Penasco storm. We maybe got 20-25 raindrops at our place.
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    Mail Delivery

    We tried an experiment and sent a letter to the US and one from the US to our address here. That was in March and we haven’t seen either one. As a side note look up Puerto Penasco post office on Yelp. The first thing it says is “There are many fine post offices in Puerto Penasco”. Lol
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    YouTube TV

    VPN’s are a subscription service. We happen to use Surfshark because of the price and the fact you can use it on unlimited devices but there are many. You will download software onto the device you are using (we have it on our phones, computers and fire stick) and you can turn it on or off at will.
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    YouTube TV

    Not to be argumentative, but Netflix and Amazon really aren't too good about detecting VPNs. I have been using mine for 2 years.
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    We live here full time and when we relocated we researched and agonized over this. We concluded that regular medical care ( colds, flu, broken bones etc) is VERY inexpensive here. I came down with something and went to San Jose clinic and was seen, had a full blood work up, and got meds for a...
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    masks in RP

    It’s true masks cannot directly filter out singular virus particles by themselves, however, well over 99% of all the airborne particles are contained in water droplets which can be filtered out. Masks are not perfect but they help. If they didn’t doctors wouldn’t wear them during surgery.
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    masks in RP

    Having just fully retired this past February and having worked with some of the top virologists and microbiologists in the world it baffles me that because someone reads something on the internet they feel they are an expert. Masks do help but they are not perfect. Most transmission of Covid is...
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    Contractor licensing

    ...currently owned by long dead but active voting Arizona Democrats. Why do you say something as absolutely stupid as that? I guess you have a sense of humor only you think is funny.