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    Rod and Reel suggestions for grouper

    Okay you people need to stop all this fishing talk, I had decided that I was NOT going to buy a second boat just for RP. And now your making me reconsider
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    ULSD in puerto penasco

    Yea saw that article and thinking the same, just not sure I'm willing to take the chance with my luck. Be a long drive back in limp mode.
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    ULSD in puerto penasco

    Ok thanks yea my 6.7 can make it there and back but only 26 gal andwhen pulling my 5th wheel doesn't leave a whole lot extra for running around
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    ULSD in puerto penasco

    Can anyone tell me positively if I can get ULSD locally? And if so is it common or only 1 or 2 places? Last thread on this 2 to 3 yrs old so could have changed.
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    Glad I was wearing a mask coming through sonoita today, so the P.O.S who tried claiming I ran stop sign couldn't see the sh_t eating grin I had when I pointed out dash cam. Just got it on Wed. Thanks to everyone for the advice on that one