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    October fishing 10/19/19

    So I booked a whole day fishing charter for myself my son and a friend.Its funny people want to eat fish but no one wants to go out and get them.Anyway things started out rough we only manage to get Spanish mackerel for bait so using mackerel strips for bait the first fishing spot nothing.The...
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    Travel Advisory??

    Ok I've been hearing about travel advisories to Mexico but the cities they mention doesn't include the Rocky point area.I have a up coming trip planned should I be concerned? I know not to drive at night or go outside of the tourists hangout areas.I've been there several times and I've never had...
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    Big Boy Trip!

    I am planning a rocky point fishing trip the end of February and my concern is my gear . I bought a couple heavy spinning rods that I haven't spooled up yet so what pound test line can I get away with using? To heavy I can't get the yards on my reels to light and you worry about breaking off...