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  1. Ladyjeeper

    Need to get a package to a friend

    Would any of you be willing to take a package of art supplies to my friend? I'll bring it to you and he will come pick it up. He needs them yesterday. Thank you all sooo much! Chari
  2. Ladyjeeper

    Need donated boy scout uniforms....

    Hi all, I have been working with some friends to start boy scout troops in Rocky Point. 300 boys have been signed up so far and we are in need of donated uniforms. If you can help, please let me know and I will pick them up in the Phoenix area, coordinate a Tucson pick up and try to...
  3. Ladyjeeper


    I haven't been here for 10 months. Russ I'm sure you will know the answer to this question, also. You know I live in the Mirador. I used to hear trains day and night going thru town but have only heard them from a distance this week. Did they build a bypass around town or something?
  4. Ladyjeeper

    Crucero liquor store

    What happened? It is knocked down. I always sent people there to buy their beer and bottles. SMH.
  5. Ladyjeeper


    Does anybody know why Ramons has been closed?
  6. Ladyjeeper

    Honor Memorial Day

    I want to thank all the veterans on this forum for their service to our country. I will never forget.
  7. Ladyjeeper

    Boy Scout apps

    Hi all, I need some boy scout apps delivered to someone in Rocky Point asap. I will have them Monday. I was planning on going myself but my Jeep blew up last week. Wah. I can get them to you here in Phoenix. Please someone, help. Thank you all. I know we can get it done!
  8. Ladyjeeper

    Dog question

    My friend is dogsitting her friend's dog and wants to know if she can bring her to PP. She has all her papers and a written letter of permission.
  9. Ladyjeeper

    Gas prices in Sonoyta

    I filled up today on the way home at the Pemex on the back way detour and it was 8.61 a liter for green and the exchange was 16.20. I suck at math but I think that's around 2 dollars a gallon. I don't know how much it was in Penasco today.
  10. Ladyjeeper

    Used barbecue needed

    Hi all, PM me if you have one for sale.
  11. Ladyjeeper


    Is it done all the way down to the Mirador now? Coming down tomorrow.
  12. Ladyjeeper

    Merry Christmas!

    I want to wish each and every one of my beloved forum family Merry Christmas! May you all have a blessed day!
  13. Ladyjeeper

    Restaurants in Flagstaff with meeting rooms

    Do any of you know of any restaurants in Flagstaff that have a meeting room? Any and all suggestions are greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Ladyjeeper

    Coleman pop up camper trailer

    Hi beloved forum family. I would like to know if any of you have a Coleman pop up camper that I could rent from you for a 10 day trip to Colorado end of July thru the first week in August. Thank you soooo much!
  15. Ladyjeeper

    Paint advice

    I would like to know which brands of paint are the most durable for PP weather. I'm going to paint my sundeck and porch and want it to last as long as possible. Thanks.
  16. Ladyjeeper

    Another Pacifico shortage?

    Just got word from a friend that is in PP this week that Pacifico is in short supply again. Are there more production problems as there were last time this happened in March? There will be lots of disappointed tourist this weekend if this is not fixed......
  17. Ladyjeeper

    Crossing mid day on Friday before Memorial Day

    I have not crossed on Friday before Memorial Day in forever. How do you think traffic will be around noon at the border? I cannot come Thursday so I just wanted to be prepared if I was going to have a long wait......
  18. Ladyjeeper

    Flores Chevron

    The last 2 times I've been down, the Flores Chevron in Why has been closed. Does anybody know what's going on? We were sure disappointed the first time as we were planning on burritos from there....
  19. Ladyjeeper

    7th Annual Rubber Duckie race for charity!

    Hi gang! Once again I come with hat in hand! It's time for the 7th annual Rubber Duckies race for charity, this year to benefit 2 different causes, 1) To help pay for medically necessary transportation for citizens of Rocky Point to needed specialist appointments out of town and 2) To pay for...
  20. Ladyjeeper

    Help bringing medical equipment down

    Hi gang, As most of you know, Mark and Barb have their hand in many different kinds of charitable work. This month's need is transportation of medical equipment that is located in Sun Lakes to Rocky Point. The warehouse is full to over flowing and the people who are keeping it may have to give...