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  1. Ladyjeeper

    New Warning re Speeding to Rocky Pt.

    Yup, back in the day when I was young and dumb and still drove down at night, I crested the hill right by the altars doing about 70. There was a herd of cows in the road with 2 cowboys on horseback. I had both feet on the brake pedal. Those 33's can squall! I finally got her shut down and...
  2. Ladyjeeper

    Esmeralda Resort Ribbon Cutting

    I'm still here. Just haven't checked in often. Have a lot going on and I've been ill again. Going to try for a few days in PP on Tuesday.....
  3. Ladyjeeper

    new Chinese jeep for sale soon in mexico

    My Jeep is so dirty that some of my friends complain. LOL! I have 13 year old mud from Silverton in my air conditioning ducts....
  4. Ladyjeeper

    new Chinese jeep for sale soon in mexico

    99 TJ with a 5 inch lift and 33x12:50 mudtires and a multitude of other improvements....
  5. Ladyjeeper

    Quick trip.

    All right, Queen of Kings. Knock it off! Name calling will not be tolerated.
  6. Ladyjeeper

    new Chinese jeep for sale soon in mexico

    Just give me the money, Jerry. I have a real Jeep that needs a little cosmetic work.
  7. Ladyjeeper

    Need to get a package to a friend

    Yes, he lives in the Mirador but he would be willing to come get it. You'll be coming down the 51, right? I live at 16th and Osborn. Can meet you at the shopping center on 18th and Indian School
  8. Ladyjeeper

    new Chinese jeep for sale soon in mexico

    Ba Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!! I really hope it doesn't have Jeep on it!
  9. Ladyjeeper

    Great Mechanic on Freemont Street

    I've heard many good things about this guy over the years.
  10. Ladyjeeper

    Need to get a package to a friend

    Would any of you be willing to take a package of art supplies to my friend? I'll bring it to you and he will come pick it up. He needs them yesterday. Thank you all sooo much! Chari
  11. Ladyjeeper

    The Elephant in the Room...THE WALL

    Just stay out of there, JJ. I do. Let 'em be. It won't kill ya. It hasn't killed me.
  12. Ladyjeeper

    Playa Bonita RV Park questions...

    Yes, but every trailer has the utilities in a different part of it and all of the spaces have the electric, water and sump is in the back of the space. If he has a 5th wheel, that will be a long way from the bathroom to the sump since those bathrooms are in close to the front.....
  13. Ladyjeeper

    Refrigerator.... Where to buy?

    Elektra has the best price.
  14. Ladyjeeper

    Need donated boy scout uniforms....

    Hi all, I have been working with some friends to start boy scout troops in Rocky Point. 300 boys have been signed up so far and we are in need of donated uniforms. If you can help, please let me know and I will pick them up in the Phoenix area, coordinate a Tucson pick up and try to...
  15. Ladyjeeper

    border crossing - anything new since last year?

    I've never heard about a fine. I have a little drawstring bag that I keep the passports and the trailer keys in. So, we never forget it. Works like a charm!
  16. Ladyjeeper

    Crucero liquor store

    I think I saw 3 in Sonoyta... Are they the same company, just dba something else?
  17. Ladyjeeper

    Crucero liquor store

    Russ, Did Circle K change to VIP?
  18. Ladyjeeper


    I finally heard the train!!!! At 3:53 A.M., I heard it blowing it's horn from way south to way north non-stop and the rumble. So comforting!
  19. Ladyjeeper


    I was born in Greensburg, down south.
  20. Ladyjeeper


    Where in Indiana?