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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Thank you Joe . Happy Thanks giving to you and your family Joe. Also to my fellow Rocky point junkies.
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    Made It to The Big Leagues

    Glad to hear you and your better half are living the dream. Enjoy and look forward to hearing about your next adventure.
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    No mas Vaquita en el mundo

    Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot
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    Off the grid living

    Gives a whole new meaning to sveaty nuts.
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    The Canadians are coming! The Canadians are coming!

    Start chilling the beer.
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    Made It to The Big Leagues

    Congrats Joe.
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    Cold Heading Machine suppliers

    Machinery is dime a dozen on Alibaba
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    Pacifico bottles at modelorama?

    That’s Oscars place great guy same goes for his boys.
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    Long Newcomer Trip Report 2/2021 Part One

    That is an option if your in the mood for a 17 hour milk run.
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    Long Newcomer Trip Report 2/2021 Part One

    The American land borders are closed to Canadians crossing back into United States. We can fly into Phoenix drive to PP crossing at Lukville. Getting back to Phoenix to fly back not possible border closed.
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    Long Newcomer Trip Report 2/2021 Part One

    It only took us 2 visits to know we wanted to be in PP. Sold in Phoenix bought in Las Conchas. And that folks is why we travel 2500 miles to get to our house in paradise. Now if the border would only open.
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    I miss the days of bullshitting.
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    Covid Vaccination

    How does herd immunity work with variants?
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    Unknown Fish

    Now that’s an out house with a million dollar view. Lol. Looks like one anyways.
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    You sir deserve a frosty pack of ale.
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    Noviembre to Remembre W/Pics (156k Killer)

    I would be interested in your current fishing vessel/Rig MJ.
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    Noviembre to Remembre W/Pics (156k Killer)

    ABFT somebody calls out the last fuckin 3 3/4 years for what it was and still is. A absolute fuckin nightmare. Like I said before in open chat Ill buy the beer. Not very many places in the world I can afford to say those words. PP just happens to be one of them. Going to ha e to wait until...
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    Penasco is back! Trip 10/8 to 10/11

    Doesn’t seem to affect Americans going to Puerto Penasco.
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    Seadoo GTX (Cholla Bay Addition) DNF'd Memorial Weekend

    Go easy on the old girl lol. Seat those rings.
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    Now for the bad news

    Yup 2018