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  1. mondone

    Your passport is about to get more expensive!

    International travel costs are set to rise next week thanks to a price hike in passport book fees. The State Department announced Monday that it would increase its security surcharge fees for passport books by $20 for all customers starting Dec. 27. Passport book fees vary by age...
  2. mondone

    They raise the price of some items in Puerto Peñasco

    Posted: 01 Jan 2021 10:29 PM PST PUERTO PEASCO.- As of today, January 1st, prices of gasoline, soft drinks and cigars increase From the first day of the year products such as gasoline, tobacco and soft drinks will increase their prices, however, this is not a "petrol" or an adjustment imposed by...
  3. mondone

    Harbor boat launch area getting improvements

    Advances modernization of the "Bajada de las Pangas" in Puerto Peñasco Posted: 07 Dec 2020 10:57 PM PST PUERTO PEASCO.- The popular land, known as La Bajada de Las pangas, in the Port Campus will radically change its image, when starting the integral improvement and modernization works of that...
  4. mondone

    HEADS UP: South of Gila Bend, MP5. DPS stating closure will be for 6 or more hours.

    9/25/2020 HEAD ON COLLISION- multiple fatalities
  5. mondone

    Beware the Baywatch!
  6. mondone

    No More Fremont Blvd.

    Authorizes Cabildo to rename Blvd Fremont to Blvd DR. Francisco Javier Carrillo Ruíz Posted: 05 Aug 2020 04:19 AM PDT PUERTO PEASCO.- By giving his life performing his role as director of the Municipal Civil Protection unit and firefighters in the safeguarding of the Rock-sport society amid the...
  7. mondone

    Border Patrol Agents Treat Multiple Critically Injured Patients on State Route 85
  8. mondone

    Encantame Towers, Playa Encanto Oh really.......seriously???? :drevil:
  9. mondone

    Sonora Mulls Inviting Private Sector

    Who's in?
  10. mondone

    Fish Fall from Sky in Mexico

    It happened again-
  11. mondone

    Mexico Home Insurance

    For those of you owning beach front homes who expect to renew your homeowners policy in the near future, you may be in for a big surprise like I was yesterday when I visited my agent's office. The insurance company I have my current policy with, ACE, is no longer insuring any homes on the...
  12. mondone

    New overpass

    Long overdue!
  13. mondone

    Rocky Point Condo Owner Fights Eviction in Lien Battle
  14. mondone

    Busted by SARGAPA

    Hit the border this morning early as I usually do at about 6:25AM to avoid SARGAPA since they are never there that early in my experiences. Got the red light and surprise, surprise, Miss Lady SARGAPA is there and orders me to "open the back" of my Armada. Oh boy I think to myself, here we go...
  15. mondone


    Anyone on here able to recommend a brand/model of walkie-talkies, maybe in $80 per pair range? Preferably water-proof, floating, and definitely the kind I can place and leave in a rechargeable base. Just looking for something to replace broken Midland $25/pair that I have used between wife and...
  16. mondone

    FYI-Penasco property tax 2015

    I just got word from the person who pays my taxes for me that the city is no longer accepting American checks for payment.
  17. mondone

    Sports bar for watching football games

    Thinking of heading into town to watch the Cardinal-Bronco game. Any opinions of the best place to watch the game? Looking for a place that you can actually hear the game too if possible.
  18. mondone

    Mexico not blamed this time for a change.
  19. mondone

    Border crossing post Operation Bella Sirena- my/your experiences

    OK, so I was on the fence all week about whether to stick with our plans to come down to our Playa Encanto house for the week. Finally decided yesterday , what the hell, we have a house there and we are not going to use it???, so we headed down this morning. Hit the border about 6:30AM with...
  20. mondone

    Wrong Cause?

    Probably should have lobbied for Boomerfest instead????