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    I’ll also add that March is the time of Spring Breaks, and once AU, ASU, NAU, or lower schools are on break, rentals might be at a premium.
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    That’s an unusual map in that Islas Del Mar, the location of the golf Course in the circled area, is labeled Laguna Shores. Laguna Shores is a different area, with a number of rental possibilities, one mile to the north of Black Mountain, and just outside your circled area. There are about two...
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    New Resort? Sonoran Star?

    Jim, since you are here, would you answer one of the original questions as to the exact location of the new Sonoran Star?
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    New Resort? Sonoran Star?

    Joe: You posted a random article from a stock contrarian predicting a big downturn in stock prices and morphed it into an assertion that home prices are sliding. They are not. This New York Times piece from yesterday argues that home prices are going to keep moving up due to a fundamental...
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    Any Covid restrictions & First trip in a while…

    Everyone is a tough guy until they can’t breathe.
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    Just read this on the net

    No. Not even worth clicking on the link. I’m a retired physical scientist who has sometimes been prescribed cannabis products for another medical problem.
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    NEW Jan 2022 - Can I get back in the US without a Passport?

    Yes. I have 4 or 5 set to ignore. The racist and antivaxxer stuff really hurts this forum.
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    What to Expect this year? 2022

    The quality and selection at Super Ley is getting more in line with US supermarket standards. Sam’s has a modest but useful selection of higher-end goods. The Chef Store near Numeros has essential goods for the more serious cook. Select items like peanut butter and some cheeses still are best...
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    Any Covid restrictions & First trip in a while…

    Several of our neighbors were diagnosed with Covid following a mostly outdoor event on Christmas Day. One was hospitalized in Phoenix due to a compromised immune system. But there was also a bad cold with severe cough circulating. People getting it have tested negative for Covid and have a...
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    Islas Del Mar/Isla Conchilla Real Estate

    Rocket ship. Currently about 20 single family homes under actual construction in the Isla Conchilla neighborhood. Another 24 or so occupied. I’m aware of specific plans to start work on another 20 (I know the lot owners or builders). Eagle Village 31 townhomes is half or more sold and a...
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    New Years Eve Rain & Power Outages

    I drove the same time in the opposite direction. Road conditions were pretty bad. Power came back on after I had been home for a couple of hours.
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    Any Covid restrictions & First trip in a while…

    I have 4 or 5 spreaders of heath misinformation on this forum blocked, so I don’t see their the products of their imaginary science Ph.D.s.
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    New Resort? Sonoran Star?

    I’ve got a lot of skin in the game. Prices will continue to go up but at reduced rates compared to 2021. I’ve just reviewed my investment performance for last year, and I’m planning for this year. There will be no crash. Rather a cooling off. I’ve bought, inherited, or sold 9 or 10 houses...
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    New Resort? Sonoran Star?

    We still have a few years to run in this bull market in Peñasco real estate. A secondary market like this usually lags several years behind primary markets like Phoenix. In 2021 Phoenix had one of the top appreciation rates in the US. I predict that price appreciation still has at least two...
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    Zipline accident

    We were thinking about finally riding the zip lines. Then, several months ago, the owner of the zip lines introduced himself to two female members of my family. He had been drinking and was obnoxious. An offer of free passes was declined.
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    Oficial/Ex-Oficial Checkpoint 1 Click North of Barb Dog Rescue

    I came down yesterday towing a bunch of furniture. 5 cop cars running traps in Ajo. In Lukeville I waited for a cluster of 4 vehicles to saturate the inspection station and then cruised across. No cops in Sonyota. No inspection station near Barb’s. I did see a checkpoint on the coast road...
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    Travel in 2022 to Puerto Penasco or Not?

    Get fully vaccinated and boosted with an mRNA vaccine— Pfizer or Moderna. Omicron is already 73% of new US cases and the J&J and AZ vaccines are of little value. Most of the full timers I know in Puerto Peñasco got the Pfizer. Maybe it won’t be too bad this time.
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    JJ"s Cantina to Change Owners, Remodel in January

    Two minutes of my time, and not at all what I consider an ideal dining experience, and I kayak there whenever the tide is in. If they wanted people to drive in a casual dining fish house is the natural strategy, what Oyster House aspired to and failed at.
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    JJ"s Cantina to Change Owners, Remodel in January

    A strategy that might work to draw in people who otherwise wouldn’t come to Cholla would be a fish house featuring local catches of the day straight off the boat. Since the new owner might be getting some adjacent properties there could be a larger footprint to work with. Keep some form of...
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    JJ"s Cantina to Change Owners, Remodel in January

    The restaurant and bar scene in Puerto Peñasco is evolving very rapidly, as is housing. Encantame Towers is apparently selling out, and I’m seeing ads that Sonoran Stars is going to break ground on Sandy Beach. Islas del Mar is shaping up as a blow-out success. We have another 20 single...