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    The Canadians are coming! The Canadians are coming!

    Start chilling the beer.
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    Some people just don’t get it.
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    How did you find Puerto Penasco

    This our story. My wife and I purchased our winter getaway in Phoenix in 2014. While doing renovations our tile installer Jesus asked us if we heard of Rocky Point/Puerto Penasco which we hadn’t he went on to tell us all about PP. He did mention you should visit and that his brother was a...
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    Puerto Penasco shutting down. What have you heard?

    Curious to know what other forum users are hearing. I have heard a few things but was hoping to confirm them by what gets posted here.
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    Toilet Paper

    Heard that almost every car crossing the border into US had three to four packages of toilet paper in there cars. Bad enough tourists take advantage of the citizens and economic living, but must their supplies be pillaged. I understand that a select few give us a bad name in Puerto Penasco but I...
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    Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a healthy prosperous New Year in 2020. Feliz Navidad to all.
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    Does a Kodi box work in Mexico? Who is using what gadgets to get tv in PP?

    Just curious to know if a Kodi box works in PP. Can anyone recommend a tech savvy person in PP to help out. Not looking for anything with a monthly expense. But a small expense wouldn’t be the end of the world. Located in Las Conchas using Telmex. Netflix works fine with no buffering.
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    Polaris RZR mechanic

    Need some maintenance work done on my 2017 Polaris 900. Looking for a referral to a good UTV mechanic.
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    Looks like we have another corrupt mayor in office.
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    Las Conchas Guard Casita History

    Curious to know if anyone can explain why it seems the Mayor of Puerto Penasco has a personal vendetta against the community of Las Conchas and it’s citizens. I have heard many scenarios regarding building and placement of the casita.
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    Arriving March 7 just curious how the asparagus crop is coming along. Has anyone heard. My gout is enquiring.
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    Garage Floor Epoxy Paint

    Can anyone recommend a good applicator to epoxy paint a garage floor?
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    Looking to purchase 5th wheel in RP

    Wanting to purchase a 5th wheel in Rocky Point. Is there a classified section or where would be the best place to look. BTW thanks for the welcoming to the site. My wife and I are going to rent out our house in Las Conchas this summer and stay in a 5th wheel ocean side.