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  1. Braden_909

    Spring break in mexico!

    Hey Guys! We're building an unbiased community for people who want to, or are going to, spend spring break in MEXICO this year! We would love it if you would "Like" our page and follow our updates as we will be posting more fun ideas and safety tips for Spring Break and for Mexico in...
  2. Braden_909

    Puerto Penasco to Sonoyta today

    -snip- Got my ride, thanks guys.
  3. Braden_909

    Searching for car

    Looking currently for car in/around/near/can be brought to/ Rocky Point. Preferably a sedan or coupe style, 4 or 6 cylinders with a strong motor and suspension. Don't care if paint's not beautiful or something like that, minor body work can be done by me. If anyone has anything, it should be...
  4. Braden_909

    Mare Blu

    Does anyone know if Mare Blu at the Reef caters to like anniversaries or anything like that? Do they do like bouquets of flowers or champagne or anything?
  5. Braden_909

    Circus Mexicus Condos!

    Castaways Rocky Point wants to help you book for Circus Mexicus! We have last-minute deals on amazing condos available now for standard, off-season discounted rates! Check it out and give us a call today!
  6. Braden_909

    Rocky Point Rally 2011

    Hey everyone, Are you ready for the Rocky Point Rally 2011??? Let's discuss plans/groups/anything else for the rally here! First off, some information about this years rally. This will be the 11th annual Rocky Point Rally in our town of Rocky Point! As being a part of some of the planning...
  7. Braden_909

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Thank You
  8. Braden_909

    CEDO: Great Summer Program for the Kids!

    Brought to you by Cedo Intercultural: Thank you
  9. Braden_909

    Uniting Nations Golf Cup - Really nice offer from Luna blanca

    This is from Long Realty, representing Luna Blanca. At the Uniting Nations Golf Cup (starting today the 12th and going until the 15th) Long Realty will have a booth set up where you will find this offer and can talk to them about it in person.
  10. Braden_909

    Delivery Services (Deliver your cards, brochures, flyers etc around town) Penasco Connect Delivery Services. Call or email for a complete list of locations. 638.107.4460 [email protected] WEEKENDS ONLY.
  11. Braden_909

    Phoenix to Rocky Point only $99 Per Person? All inclusive trip from Phoenix to Rocky Point for only $99! Great deal put together by the kind folks at and Tour bus and everything included!
  12. Braden_909

    Penasco real estate newsletter

    Rocky Link newsletter is a monthly newsletter about real estate in penasco... just in case anyone is interested! here's the last edition. it's free to sign up and have it sent to your email as soon as a new editiion is released. Rocky Link Newsletter
  13. Braden_909

    [NETWORKING] List of Small Business in Rocky Point

    Post your information below and it will be added to the list. The goal is to have a complete directory of businesses in Rocky Point, for everyone on the forums. Any cards or flyers from businesses that you'd like on the list, just post the information. Information should follow the following...
  14. Braden_909


    Hello Just putting this out there, for anybody that lives in, or frequents, Rocky Point, and would like to learn Photoshop, or Gimp, for any reason, just let me know! I have 4+ years experience and I would love to help. I give private lessons on Saturdays and Sundays or during the...
  15. Braden_909

    Vacation Rentals & Long-Term Rentals

    Welcome Castaways Rocky Point. A full service Rocky Point Rentals provider of property management services for owners and renters in Rocky Point, Mexico. In today's busy Rocky Point vacation rentals market, selecting the right company can make a big difference in your comfort and your bottom...
  16. Braden_909

    Mini-Guide: How to Plan Your Vacation to Rocky Point (Or Anywhere Else!)

    The entire point of going on a vacation, is to relax, to kick-back and enjoy the experience, whatever it may be. For some, simply relaxing on the beach for a few days or kicking back on the porch of their condo, rental or hotel, is the perfect idea of vacation. There are others however that wish...
  17. Braden_909

    Coastal Highway - What do you think?

    Hello all, Just a quick opinion poll, what do you all think about having a mile-by-mile coastal highway guide? For the new coastal highway starting in Penasco and ending in San Luis and maybe going further. Would you support it? Or would it not matter to you? Or would you be against it? I...
  18. Braden_909

    New to the Forums

    Hello all, I'm Braden Black, I live in Puerto Penasco full-time. I'm 17 years old. I work as a Marketing Agent and Digital Designer. I have been doing Graphics Design for 4 years and I also have interests in Professional Photography. I'm new to these forums and I'd just like to introduce...