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    Meds for UC

    Sadly the wife probably has ulcerative colitis. Are any of the meds available in RP? I’m thinking balsazide, dipentum or azulfidine. Thank you in advance.
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    Roofing material

    Is there any paint or sealant that will stick to TPO material?
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    Thankful for the Marina

    I dont, but it was in periodico los frente I think.
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    Thankful for the Marina Be careful out there!
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    Thankful for the Marina
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!
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    Border Hours Back to Normal 6am-Midnight?????

    Came through headed north last tues bout noon. No issues through Sonoita. Lots of people at border getting the vacuna. Only about 6 vehicles in front of me. I thought wow got lucky no wait! Ended up waiting 1 1/2 hours right at the gate only 1 lane open. Don’t know why the cars at the booth...
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    Bootiful Halloweenie

    Here for Biker Rally first time. Lots of people and lots of fun happening everywhere but the beach isnt much more crowded. Very happy for the local economy. Hopped around to some of the hotspots, Wow.. there were some great live bands! Didn’t feel uncomfortable anywhere but made sure not to...
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    Uncle Joe gives Lukeville zero…San luis, Nogales and Douglas get a billion?

    Ya didn’t see anything bout Lukeville. Isn’t there 4-5 lanes already? Rarely seen more than 1 open. Is that why the next stop is why? Why did it take 2 hrs to get here?
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    Sunset reflections?

    Thanks. Found it. Posted it and it went under original plumes of smoke thread. Crazy looking.
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    Plumes of smoke

    Found it!
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    Sunset reflections?

    Sitting on the balcony watching the sunset and right after the sun goes down there are some weird looking clouds way out to the southwest. On closer inspection with the spotting scope it looks like an upside down reflection of the mountains. Is it possible the moisture in the air is refracting...
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    Dia de los Muertos

    Looks like down Cholla mall they are decorating. Will there be a parade this weekend?
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    Sandy Beach 1971

    Grew up before sunscreen was a thing. Never used it or wore sunglasses. No problemos so far. Very grateful.
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    Halloween in Rockypoint

    That’s great, what area was that?
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    Halloween in Rockypoint

    I’m all about dia de los muertos but the grandkids are coming down for their first time and are wondering if there is any trick and more importantly treating in rocky point. I’m thinking maybe the RV parks may do a little trick or treating?
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    Made It to The Big Leagues

    Buena Suerte Joe,
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    Talking with some friends about the big bioluminescent bay in Puerto Rico. Anything glowing at night here in Rocky Point?
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    Made It to The Big Leagues

    Congrats Joe. Sounds like the maiden voyage was a success with better to come!