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  1. kazpilot25

    Pacifico bottles at modelorama?

    Hey everyone. When we were down for thanksgiving every modelorama was out of Pacifico and said there was a shortage. Does anyone here know if there is Pacifico in stock now? We’re coming down next week and I need to get my Pacifico fix. Looking to get a few cases.
  2. kazpilot25

    Best place to exchange for Pesos

    Where’s the best place to exchange US dollars for Pesos? Best exchange rate?
  3. kazpilot25

    Rocky Point Map with points of interest (google?)

    I saw a map on here a few months back with all kinds of points of interest marked on. It was kind of interactive and I believe it was created on a google map. Does anyone have that link?
  4. kazpilot25

    Best Shrimp Cocktail (mexican style)

    Where is it? I typically go to Mary's or the place with the winding ladder but wanted to venture out and try new ones this time around.
  5. kazpilot25

    Golf at Peninsula de Cortes (Mayan Palace)

    Planning on going out there for a round or two this weekend. Does anyone know what the rates currently are and how to book a tee time?
  6. kazpilot25

    Malecon Construction

    Anybody have any updates on the construction down by Malecon? I've heard the roads are pretty bad but that was a couple weeks ago. Anybody have an update for New Years?
  7. kazpilot25

    New Years Visit with my new baby girl!

    So I've been kinda MIA around here lately. My wife and I just had our first child, a beautiful baby girl named Piper. She is about 2 months old now and we can't wait to take her down to RP for her first time for new years. Who else is heading down that weekend? Anything I should be wary of...
  8. kazpilot25

    Maps of RP

    Ok so I have been doing some searching and have come up with nothing very good as far as maps of RP go. I would like to create some maps of the town that are high resolution and would be good to print out and take with you. Being a graphic/web designer I can do this very easily and make them...
  9. kazpilot25


    Ok typically I get my tortillas from "the best tortillas in rocky point". It's a little house just north of the Super ley on the right. It is the little yellow/orange painted house on the right side of the road just to the north of the intersection north of Super Ley. What are some other...
  10. kazpilot25

    Lopez Aceves

    Anyone know anything about this area? Apparently it's close to RP (within 10 minutes) and has some good deals on land with owner financing. I saw it at the twin dolphin realty site. Any know about it? Been there? Just FYI: The lots that I saw were around $7500 bucks each with ocean views...
  11. kazpilot25

    Fans of Rocky Point Bash?

    I've heard a couple things about it lately. Saw someone post about it but didn't give much detail. Anybody know what's going on with this? What kind of events they are going to be doing etc... Thanks!
  12. kazpilot25

    Street Tacos

    I was wondering where you guys think the best street tacos are in town? I always stop at the little taco "trailer" outside the pottery/liquor store in sonoita (Can't think of the name of it right now). I am bringing a couple people down for their first time and want to find some good places in...
  13. kazpilot25

    Flying into RP

    OK... So I am a private pilot with a twin engine airplane flying out of Deer Valley in Phoenix and was wondering if anyone else here is a pilot or has experience flying into mexico or RP? I have looked into it and it seems as if there is quite a bit of paperwork involved, but maybe it's just...
  14. kazpilot25

    Vehicle thefts from homes in RP?

    I was just reading through the closed thread about stuart's and mark's trucks being stolen/attempted to be stolen and was wondering if anyone knows about any thefts or security issues with any of the more "american" areas such as Las Conchas? I always stay at my grandfathers place there and...
  15. kazpilot25

    New Years Crowd in RP

    So my wife and I were in RP for new years last weekend, just like every other year and noticed it to be rather "slow" down there. We went down to the fish market for shrimp cocktails and were surprised by how empty it was. New Years eve we stayed at the house for some drinks and fireworks but...
  16. kazpilot25

    Crossing 12/30, w/ expired/no passports

    Hey everyone! I'm new on here but had a question for you all. I will be traveling to RP on 12/30 and returning on 1/2. It is going to be my wife and I and our two friends. I have a valid passport, my wife has an expired passport and our friends have no passports but will be bringing along...