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    This doesn't help tourism!

    Rule of thumb in real estate, politics and life: It is good to know the whole, in-context story (of such posts, for example). Otherwise you might get hoodwinked.
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    This doesn't help tourism!

    Yep, people have been buying, selling and building on Dorada all along, and recently. Apparently in this situation the realtor / buyer did not heed the giant, in-your-face sign at the entrance, shown above.
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    Line cutters at the border

    Yep -- I've watched as a guy on a scooter worked the line until cutting a deal with someone . . . then they and their friends in the car behind pulled out following the guy . . . meandered to the side streets en route to the border, where of course they would eventually take advantage of some...
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    Line cutters at the border

    As with online relationships, mainstream media, and bullies at the border, there are always enough suckers who yield, and make mischief worthwhile . . . .
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    Anyone Else Notice

    Note to self: When Halloween falls on a weekend, the beach is all yours.
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    Dental Implants in RP

    While there are a number of excellent docs in RP who do implants, I went with this recommendation from someone on the forum few years back. My wary US dentist warned about ensuring that the implant would be USFDA approved. Turns out it was not only approved, but state-of-the-art. Great...
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    Super Hot in AZ...and not so hot in Rocky Point?

    The summers in Penasco are generally around 10 degrees cooler than in Phoenix. The humidity in summer in Penasco can mitigate that "relief gap" unless the wind velocity kicks in. With a breeze, it is often very comfortable.
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    Birds of Rocky Point

    The wings of Frigatebirds in flight appear prehistoric -- like small versions of dinosaur birds.
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    Birds of Rocky Point

    Yea -- we refer to those "Brown Pelican Squadrons" as Klingon War Ships (which old Star Trek fans might appreciate).
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    May 1 Mexican National Holiday????

    Well it doesn't take a shrink. There are two road games that some folks play. Some folks combine them, as well, and yet others are unaware they’re doing it: 1. There’s the “pass me if you can” game, where – as you mentioned – the act of passing seems to snap the driver out of oblivion and –...
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    Are There Younger Expats in RP?

    Chill: "My Spanish is somewhat conversational so it would be nice to have some expats to connect with for the time being."
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    Up in smoke

    Wow. An old landmark for Sonoyta. Am I wrong, or has the once-booming business reduced in recent years to almost nothing?
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    Mayan guards kicked us out of the estuary while we were fishing today.

    Does the new law address (or supersede) the law against vehicular traffic (other than for launching) on beaches?
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    Temporary License Plates in Mexico

    I have done that as well, with no problem.
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    Wind Turbines

    That's what they claimed.
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    Wind Turbines

    Back when I was wondering about the contraption, I wrote to Customs and Border Patrol. Surprised to get a response, in which I was told that travelers who were still wary, despite claims of "safe levels," would have the option to leave their vehicles.
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    Big boat sank

    Have wondered for many years what it must be like out there in (sometimes) bitter cold, damp nights on those boats in the dead of winter . . .
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    A US tourist was beaten and stripped of cash...Periódico De Frente

    Glad to hear. Planning to go there (two of us) within the next day or so, and successfully entered a couple weeks ago (two on one card). It must be similar to protocol at the south-bound border . . . . it changes with the wind. So we'll see.
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    Uh . . . I was being what they call facetious. (Clue: I was the first to give your comment a thumbs up.) I was merely reinforcing your point that the thread is getting tiresome (vulgar). As for my "weak-ass political shit," I don't share political stuff here, and don't engage with others...
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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    What – You don’t like mud wrestling?