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  1. da_q-ban_one

    Anyone want to share a boat tomorrow?

    Heading down tonight.. Was looking at the forecast and tomorrow Fri 6/28 is looking decent .. Sat Sun will be a bit windy. Looking to rent a boat or panga.. half or full day.. If anyone is interested please msg me or call me 4808613642.. name's Rudy. If anyone has a boat and is already planning...
  2. da_q-ban_one

    Going down Wed-Sun this week? Suggestions for surf fishing las conchas..?

    I'll be going down there on Wed.. going to be staying @ las conchas (first time staying in las conchas)... going to try and get a Panga (went on La Princesa last time and we did VERY good... Francisco has some really good points about 8 or 10 miles out).. and if weather permits would like to...
  3. da_q-ban_one

    Cheap fishing tackle source #2

    Hi all, In addition to the great site Joe posted back in March: I found another great site that also looks promising in terms of affordable saltwater fishing gear/tackle!! ---- > Take a look and post your comments and...
  4. da_q-ban_one

    Heading down in June, what are your tackle/gear/setup suggestions...??

    Will be in RP first week of June for about 4 days, wanting some advice (I have read as well as received some great comments/suggestions already, but wanted to get some other pointers, without hijacking any of the other threads...) I will do some surf, kayak and boat fishing.. and wanted some...
  5. da_q-ban_one

    Let's get out on the water 5/4-5/7 or 5/7-5/10?

    Is anyone going fishing next week? My wife and I will be in town (either the 4th through the 7th, the 7th through the 10th, or perhaps the entire week, if money allows) and would like to share the expenses of a fishing trip. So the plan is to do either a full- or a half- day fishing trip, and...