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  1. SunDevil

    New Sasabe Altar highway will be built…Tucson to Caborca in 2 hours!

    When will the paved road between Sasabe and Caborca be finished? Yes, I know, MX time
  2. SunDevil

    Gas Prices in Puerto Penasco

    Cheapest place for gas right now is Sonoyta
  3. SunDevil


    I saw one last January between PP and Sonoyta one early Sunday morning heading back to the US.
  4. SunDevil

    Hidden gems for good eats?

    Taqueria Los Poblanos
  5. SunDevil

    Border crossing wait times evening

    I would say at least two hours on a Sunday afternoon in March
  6. SunDevil

    Gas Prices in Puerto Penasco

    $3.30 in Sonoyta
  7. SunDevil

    Where and how to fish from shore?

    Bright, shiny lures kastmasters or krocodiles incoming tide. Make sure to do the sting ray shuffle mouths of the estuaries are good
  8. SunDevil

    Huge Fish Caught On Camera!!! HELP IDENTIFY! Trip Report 10/26

    sounds like a great day. I do not think my back could handle being on a jet ski for 8 hours though.
  9. SunDevil

    Wind Tomorrow 10/25????????? HELP

    fish or ride? decisions, decisions.
  10. SunDevil

    Cholla Bay Slay Ride

    excellent! have you tried Windy? There is an APP you can load to your phone. There forecasts seem to be a little more accurate than others I have tried
  11. SunDevil

    Fishing the tide?

    week of the 18th looks nice. warmer weather and less wind. this week is rainy, cold and windy
  12. SunDevil

    Fishing the tide?

    "slack" tide. the time between the tide change. this is generally longer when there is a "lower" high tide and a "higher" low tide. it is also associated with a half moon. avoid full and new moons as they generate higher high tides and lower low tides
  13. SunDevil

    Real Estate investment...USA or Mexico

    this is something I have debated for several years. I have a buddy that has two rental properties in RP. I asked him amount annual returns. He said, break even at BEST. lets say you invest $200K. if you get 10% return in the stock market that is $20K a year to use to vacation ANYWHERE you...
  14. SunDevil

    had a great few days of fishing last week

    everywhere. down by the cliffs. out in front to the south of the light house. big patches out by the 7 mile reef and everywhere in between. covering the beach south of town
  15. SunDevil

    had a great few days of fishing last week

    was out for 5 hours on Wednesday last week in Lobos. We caught 9 yellowtail and 1 snapper. lost a couple more to the bull and several more came unbuttoned. trolling was impossible due to all the seaweed.
  16. SunDevil

    CBSC Fishing Derby 18

    I use sailflow, windyty, windfinder and Friday looks NO GOOD
  17. SunDevil

    CBSC Fishing Derby 18

    nice fish Joe. congrats on getting the ski broke in. tight lines!!!
  18. SunDevil

    Rocky Point Fishing in October

    on Facebook, search for "Arturos diving and fishing". he is a great guy that speaks English. still bottom fishing but you do not have to go out as far (5 miles vs 25 - 50 miles). accomodations are very, very minimal but Arturo Jr can hook you up. Seems like October tends to be a slower month...
  19. SunDevil

    Big Boy Trip! 700 lb black marlin on 30 lb line