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  1. Hobie Vern

    5th Wheel Trailer

    We are selling our 30' 5th wheel trailer. It is currently stored at PDO. It's a 1996 and has been in Mexico for the last 10 years. Just put a new 1 ton mini split in it 2 years ago and it's hardly been used. Has a nice big slide out, everything works. Had the roof recoated about 3 years ago...
  2. Hobie Vern

    Bodies Found

    Does anyone have any info on the 13 bodies that were discovered??
  3. Hobie Vern

    PDO WiFi

    Anyone been to PDO lately? Has the WiFi gotten any better?
  4. Hobie Vern

    Tucson TV

    Does anyone know of a way to get local Tucson stations in RP without a satellite ?
  5. Hobie Vern

    AC Unit

    I am going to be taking a new AC unit down in April to replace the old one on our trailer. Do I need to declare it @ the border? Thanks Vern
  6. Hobie Vern

    Laguna Del Mar Dirt Work

    Does anybody know what all the excavation is, going on out by Laguna Del Mar?
  7. Hobie Vern


    Did anybody hear anything about gunfire by the Pithaya on Friday night. I heard something around 1:20am and it didn't sound like fireworks ??
  8. Hobie Vern

    Pedro Nava

    Does anybody know how to get a hold of Pedro ? My brother in law wants to go feeshing with him ? Phone number ?
  9. Hobie Vern

    Pedro Nava

    Does anybody know if he is still around ?
  10. Hobie Vern

    Las Palomas Golf

    Has anybody been by Las Palomas course lately, is it still brown ?? Thanks
  11. Hobie Vern


    Does anybody know where you can buy kegs of beer in town ??
  12. Hobie Vern

    Reggies update

    Beachgirl and I want to know if it's the same old Reggies, burritos and donuts ??