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  1. OurForever

    This doesn't help tourism!

    JJ, I hope to share a cold beverage with you. Your stories are intriguing.
  2. OurForever


    Listening to some good music today. Instantly puts my mind on the Beaches of Old Mexico.
  3. OurForever

    Anyone know a good place for couples massage? Lucy's has tripled in price

    There's a great massage place in Mirador area. At the RV park on the beach. Can't remember the name of the RV park off the top of my head.
  4. OurForever


    Sounds like a great trip! But only if in September or later!!
  5. OurForever


    JJ, your descriptive writings are always make us feel we are there with you!
  6. OurForever


    As long as the Fish Tacos stay in plentiful supply!
  7. OurForever

    Favorite Recipe

    Good info! A few years ago Tartar sauce and Cocktail sauce was a task. I learned from that simple hiccup. Spices, sauces all the alike required special preparation for.
  8. OurForever

    Favorite Recipe

    What is your favorite meal/recipe to enjoy while in RP? Not your favorite restaurants, but your own concoction.
  9. OurForever

    Hot Rod Ford

    JJ, I will be towing one of my jeeps behind the motorhome. We will be in RP June 4th-22nd. I'm thinking I'll take the 78 CJ7. Pretty sweet ride. Has the 80s Look to it. The fat wide tires/wheels. All of my jeeps have been swapped to fuel injection and add on AC. Fat people like me need cool air...
  10. OurForever

    RV First Time

    Driving our RV to RP next week. What should we expect to be different at the border? Anything needed other than insurance?
  11. OurForever

    Hot Rod Ford

    JJ, I love those old jeeps! I just recently bought my newest Jeep, it is a 1995 YJ. Not sure why I bought it, but felt like I needed to have it! Everything else is mid 70s to 80s. I've made the Moab trip several times. Love going out there. Can't decipher if learning my identity is good or...
  12. OurForever

    Hot Rod Ford

    JJ. I fully support your Ford facts. However as an old school jeeper and modern day GM guy. I have to love/hate you! Those Raptors are amazing! Pick me up in Mirador and I'll buy us a beer or 9!
  13. OurForever

    What is this leading to?

    Great talking points. Curious to know the answer.
  14. OurForever

    Fish Market?

    Thank you for the advice!! That is where I purchased from last time we were down. Seemed like a good group of people.
  15. OurForever

    Fish Market?

    Which Fish market do you recommend? The one I use to use closed down during Covid.
  16. OurForever

    CBSC Fishing Derby to resume!

    What are leatherbacks?
  17. OurForever

    Meet and greet.

    Will be in RP early to mid June. Anyone interested in a meet and greet. Just enjoy good food. Common interests and cold beverages.
  18. OurForever

    Sandy Beach 1971

    I'd love to have that old truck!!! Thank you for sharing.
  19. OurForever

    Rocky Point water situation

    I've often wondered if we could drink the water. Restaurants use it to make ice for our drinks. I've used it to brew coffee, tea etc.