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  1. fatboyharley

    Rocky Point water situation

    Every summer this happens however with the increased structure building , and increase in swimming pools in town and Las Conchas the water does not seem to go as far as it once did . Conservation helps but is not the answer.
  2. fatboyharley

    Moving MX to USA

    Aron Brown
  3. fatboyharley

    This doesn't help tourism!

    you mightconsider calling Randall Lindsey of Torres Lindsey PLC. Lincensed in US and Mexico Located in Scottsdale Offices in Monterry Mexico city guadalajara and Phoenix Not cheap but good. 480 940 6101
  4. fatboyharley

    Seeking Contractor for Metal Gate Install

    Julio at Cholla Bay Powder Coating made and installed my gate
  5. fatboyharley

    Electrician recommendation

    I recently used Ivan 638 107 9390 replaced my electrical box Works for CFE and does this on the side. He was on time, did a good job .
  6. fatboyharley

    New Years Eve Rain & Power Outages

    the big thing is the water pumpso I can't run an extension cord to that. Who could put in an isolation switch in RP?
  7. fatboyharley

    New Years Eve Rain & Power Outages

    so I am not familiar with the using of generators. What has to be modified with the house for the use of one ? I have thought one would be helpful but I am completely ignorant about them.
  8. fatboyharley

    No more LLC's to avoid bank trusts and 2 % transfer tax?

    all good things must come to an end
  9. fatboyharley

    and off-road Maverick? The Rattler

    just cancelled my order ordered July 2020 and was just told expect the truck next summer.
  10. fatboyharley

    Home Builder

    I have removed everything I could this past year of wood. Tired of fighting them.
  11. fatboyharley

    No mas Vaquita en el mundo

    Should have used Lukeville. I drove right up to the gate at 1
  12. fatboyharley

    tankless water heaters

    yes multiple units the one that handles the washer, main bathroom and kitchen is larger. you buy based on the flow amount that may be required at one time per unit Mine are electric. I also added a filter to the water line going into the unit to be heated.
  13. fatboyharley

    Hidden gems for good eats?

    Reginas is truly a hidden gem in Rocky Point
  14. fatboyharley

    tankless water heaters

    installed several in my home and we could not be happier. Love the small profile , the ability to get hot water when we need it and it has lowered out electric bill.
  15. fatboyharley

    The Pima County Desal idea……well a mixed blessing

    Where was this located?
  16. fatboyharley

    Encanto Living

    Any body own or know any thing about the condos at Encanto Living? Looking to sell my house and get something smaller but hate Sandy Beach.
  17. fatboyharley

    masks in RP

    don't know maybe it was because we were three good looking women but then again we also have been coming since July and they have let my husband and I come in together. He must be good looking also. lol
  18. fatboyharley

    masks in RP

    don't know what to say because on Sunday the three of us also got in on one card at the same time
  19. fatboyharley

    masks in RP

    went to sam's today with my mother and sister on one card nothing was said.
  20. fatboyharley

    Sonoyta By Pass

    Got stopped last month by three trucks in full gear on the bypass. Stopped my car, asked a few questions and then let us go. Strangest thing. No asking for money.