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    AMLO is a closet commie
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    On top of Pinacate at sunset

    This is me on top of Pinacate. It was breezy and very cold in late October a few years back. The constant breeze made for teeth chattering sleep. When the full moon came up it was an other-world experience.
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    Time to head to the beach!

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    It’s time to Ban Queen of Kings

    Anyone that makes a comment like this does not belong on this forum: “You are seriously deranged. Did something trigger you? And physical threats really should be deleted. Not that I am afraid, but deranged people often do crazy stuff. All the mass shootings in America over the last 20 years...
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    Dental Implants in RP

    Has anyone ventured in to the dental implant world in Mexico? Do you have any recommendations? I have two guy’s working for me in Phoenix, sober addicts, that I am trying to help. Having a decent smile is a huge stumbling block for them. Any advice is welcome.
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    On the Mexico Election
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    The Police in Sonoita are out of control!

    Seven Mexico & especially Sonoita traffic mafia cop experienced friends pulled over for “speeeding” in Sonoita during the last weekend. Two went to the extremely sham courthouse and still were fined $180 for not speeding. Something needs to be done. This is hurting Mexico.
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    Women on the front lines against the cartels
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    Article on Mexican tourism:
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    Crime Spree- stolen goods in Miramar, Encanto & Dorado

    Yesterday we had a cell phone stolen from our front porch in Miramar by (we are pretty sure) two young men who were selling mango treats. We informed the guards and a Penasco government official who said two young men fitting the same description stole a laptop and a fanny pack/purse in Dorado...
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    Border closing news-asking for update?

    There is more talk of the border closing. Can someone provide an update?
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    Mayan guards kicked us out of the estuary while we were fishing today.

    They never have done this before. The Mayan just is not a good neighbor.
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    Effective border control: lighten up and enjoy a joke
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    Worth a read
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    Building high quality wood doors in Penasco:

    Doors: I need to have two 4’ X 8’ wood, full light doors built with internal screen doors. Anybody have a suggestion for someone to build these?
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    Texting in PP

    How do I text to a Mexico phone from my American phone while in PP? Thank you!
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    Purchasing meds in Mexico, donating

    I have found great bargains this year on all my meds in Mexico. You may have to shop around a little to get what you need. A plug for Casa Hogar=the old folks home. We have been bringing this place clothing, jackets and blankets. Trying to figure out how to donate food.
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    Solar company in RP?

    I hate to ask but are still any servicing solar companies in Penasco? Thanks so much for your input.
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    Looking for an online Mexican pharmacy.

    Any suggestions? Experiences?