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  1. dirtsurfer


    I want to have an address in “Weed” Ca.
  2. dirtsurfer

    Patty Perez RIP

    I remember Patty in her shop right on the beach in Cholla-before she moved uphill. Patty was always good to me and even saved me one night.
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    I installed a new corrugated metal patio cover in about 85 degree weather on the beach. No big deal for a Phoenix boy, right? My much smarter friends got off of the roof way before me but I pushed on to finish. I had no alcohol and honestly tried to force drink but could not eat dinner, passed...
  4. dirtsurfer


    Please explain “Gleep” for the unknowing like me.
  5. dirtsurfer

    Boat of the week…too much?

  6. dirtsurfer

    water shortage

    I think about capturing condensate from all HVAC units in Phoenix-a bonanza of fresh water with many uses. Mostly wasted currently.
  7. dirtsurfer

    More Promises Regarding Peñasco Home Port

    We at one time would visit El Desemboque and Puerto Lobos often but now avoid both due to the large amount of gangster looking dudes hanging around constantly staring down any newcomers.
  8. dirtsurfer

    Hot Rod Ford

    JJ: where is Salinas point? We would ride -in the olden days, north of Cholla to another estuary we fondly name shell estuary because the shells of all types were 5-8 feet deep. Now you have me researching Tepoca indians……
  9. dirtsurfer

    Hot Rod Ford

    I just want a Raptor. Always have. My wife has a Mustang Mach e4 which is the fastest vehicle I have ever been in but I am a truck guy.
  10. dirtsurfer

    This doesn't help tourism!

    I would go after the Real estate Agent and anyone else involved in the transaction-immediately.
  11. dirtsurfer

    Tijuana Flights!

    I would love to jump on a small plane in Phoenix, land in RP and catch a ride to my place. This would save me a lot of windshield time and keep me away from the crazies on the highways.
  12. dirtsurfer

    Eliquis Available

    My wife’s asthma inhaler costs $345ea on our Blue Cross plan, the exact same inhaler is $25 in Mex. I bring inhalers back for many people. It is always good to check all of your sources. Some of my meds purchased with GoodRX are less expensive in the states than they are in Mex.
  13. dirtsurfer

    Carjackers OK. Cops, no bueno.

    We were stopped and searched and they pressed hard for armas and drogas……they stole my treasured pocket knife from my console because I forgot to take it with me. I had two machetes sticking up from a box in back of my truck-no care or mention of these by the federales.I have also mistakenly...
  14. dirtsurfer

    Not sure about you all but most of these apply to my body or my life:

    Now the fines from OSHA for any cutting, grinding or polishing of any concrete or tile are horrendous. A full on vacuum system connected to a HEPA filter for the tool and full respirators for the worker are required. Not much enforcement happening but if you are unlucky it is pretty ugly.
  15. dirtsurfer


    A shovel nose guitar fish-about a mile outside of Cholla Bay.
  16. dirtsurfer

    He should of stuck to fishing in Lobos

    Ii have come to believe that anyone who allows party politics or group-speak talk to influence them without seriously considering a wide range of inputs from many sources and especially the other side of an issue is just a a koolaid drinker. Never a party affiliation for me ever again...
  17. dirtsurfer

    AMLO is a closet commie

    Me Too!!! I want a hot raptor to have fun in and your F-150 also.
  18. dirtsurfer

    AMLO is a closet commie

    Continuing on, he commented that by weaning ourselves off of petrol, we will be put in a much stronger and safer position to not be compromised over energy and oil disputes. Although I do not drink the kool-aid of any political party That you suggest the U.S. Should remain dependent on foreign...
  19. dirtsurfer

    AMLO is a closet commie