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    Strange Vibration

    Dang! There was one in like 2004ish and I felt it walking up to the stairs of my 2nd floor NEW TRACT house that was almost on the Riallto, one house back. I was day-off, day-drinking, thought maybe I should pull back. Days later figured out it was the same exact time.
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    Thank you!!!
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    That's so sad. I wanted to take my jeep down there. I was inspired by a book by a guy from Britain in the 90s who wrote a book about going up and down the Baja coast on the opposite side. He hiked it and met tons of friendly faces along the way. *does anyone know that book? He wrote a second...
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    Russ, several people told me the walkway to The Point is still there. The issue is this photo that was taken on the far left end, the walkway on the right is cut off, so it makes it appear to be gone. The left end of the pic shows the damage to the building. Ugh, can't attach pic, but it is in...
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    Here is the local government trying to explain what those pipes are for, saying they are for rainwater runoff (haha), pool water, irrigation water and washing the facilities. Not black water. Just chlorine, bleach, etc...
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    Just about everyone got hammered and lots of beachfront sand has disappeared, especially along Sandy Beach & Las Conchas. Cholla, haven't seen anyone mention issues there, seems like they were spared. Check the Penasco groups on Facebook for videos and pics. Video of a balcony in LC collapsing...
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    3 die in Peñasco over the weekend

    According to a few comments of people on Facebook familiar with the details, he had a heart attack mid-air. He was 76.
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    Ultralight crash on Sandy Beach

    According to comments on Facebook, apparently he had a heart attack mid-flight.
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    Ultralight crash on Sandy Beach

    Details so far from Periodico de Frente. The pilot was 76?!?
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    JJ's Cantina re-opening

    Here are photos of the renovations, including the new menu. (Brace yourselves!)
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    Mexican time. They had the big Peacemakers spill over last month. Why splinter?
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    Still closed, as of last week when someone asked on a Penasco Facebook group. At least the remodel is still ongoing, slowly but surely, and has not completely stopped.
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    More Promises Regarding Peñasco Home Port
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    More Promises Regarding Peñasco Home Port
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    Puerto Penasco To Get New National Guard Base

    With artist rendering:
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    Puerto Penasco To Get New National Guard Base

    I saw another post indicating it would be between Penasco & Caborca. Anyone have other info? My guess is near the airport, if that's true.
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    Sonoran Star Resort Starts Blocking Off Playa Hermosa Sure to cause much friction in the near future with Nationals & local visitors.
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    Tijuana Flights!

    Exactly! If you have California money, why would you drive or take a connecting flight to TJ, go thru customs there, then again at PP? Even if you're staying at Mayan, the amenities there are poorly rated by tourists who are used to similar resorts at Cabo, Cancun, etc. And add to the hassle at...
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    Uncle Joe gives Lukeville zero…San luis, Nogales and Douglas get a billion?

    San Luis Rio Colorado. Or were you being sarcastic?
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    Where and how to fish from shore?

    Wow! These lures were like 1-3$ max when I was fishing with my dad. Thanks for the eye-opener.