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    10-7-20 Report

    Monday and Tuesday evenings from about 20 min before sunset to dusk provided some great orangemouth corvina fishing from shore. I threw on the headlamp, a black clouser minnow and shuffled my way out past the reef. Fish were super active. Unfortunately the window to catch them was short and the...
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    Corvina at the Estuary

    Over the last couple months I've had some of the best corvina fishing since I started going to PP. We fished La Pinta on the Mayan side on Friday evening. As the sun was setting I was getting hit on every cast with my fly rod. I even caught a few on a popper. My buddy (first time saltwater...
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    Sharks off the Beach

    Took a guys trip the other week and tried night fishing from shore for the first time. We caught shovelnose, puffer fish, mullet, saltwater catfish and, to my surprise, a few baby sharks. We've caught sharks further out, but I didn't know they cruised the beaches too. Does anybody know what type...
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    Grouper Problems

    The last few times fishing (off Playa Miramar) I've come across several grouper just kinda floating in the water, flapping their fins and swimming away in short bursts if you approach/grab them. A few have washed up on shore too, all very much alive but unable to do much swimming. We'd been...
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    Marine Mechanic

    Does anybody know a good mechanic for outboard motors? We have a 30 hp Nissan 4-stroke that is giving us problems. Likely carburetor problems. Someone that does house calls would be nice.
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    Shore Fishing

    We did some shore fishing at Miramar in May and caught a bunch of corvina, pompano and some bonefish in the evening just as the tide was covering the reef. This past week I tried the same thing but didn't have the same results. Anybody have suggestions on when and how to do well from shore? What...