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  1. Kelney

    Fish ID

    I poked around Mexfish to try to ID this fish but had no luck. I caught this unique fish in about 60 feet of water off Pelican Point. Unique features on it are large eyes that I would associate with a deep water fish, a unique black and white pattern around its large mouth. It was maybe only 11"...
  2. Kelney

    Inshore Report 6/13 - 6/20

    Enjoyed a weeklong vacation with great weather. I don’t thim I ever has a week lng stay with the weather as pleasant as far as the wind goes. Apparently I left just in time…. Since I am slowly acquiring a sting ray phobia I invested in a float tube to give it whirl and keep my feet off the floor...
  3. Kelney

    Boat Trailer Maintenance?

    Last month my trailer was sounding a little crusty while rolling. A guy visiting the storage facility heard it and thought it was my bearings as I can't hear squat. It may be my brake drums but I really don't know. Is there anyone that does trailer bearings/brake maintenance in RP? I thought...
  4. Kelney

    Shore FIshing 3/16-3/21

    I was in RP last week with the family and since my crew is of the non-fishing variety, I took to shore fishing rather than off shore on the boat. I did splash the boat for a whale watching adventure which was cool. Anyways, I was staying on Sandy Beach and was looking for a decent place to...
  5. Kelney

    Got Anchor?

    My anchor decided it preferred the bottom of the SOC rather than on my boat. I bought my last Rocky Point style anchor at the marine store in town but they stated they no longer sell them. Does anyone know where I can pick one up at? I just need a medium sized one for my 23' boat.
  6. Kelney

    Anyone headed out this weekend?

    Me and Kelney Jr. may try to splash the boat on Sunday weather permitting. That is if I can talk him into it as fishing is not really his cup of tea unless it is an inshore excursion.
  7. Kelney

    My Trip

    Just got back from seven days of bliss being away from the office of corporate hell. As always I learned a thing or two. I learned the following: When getting passed by a cop going 95 from Sonoita to RP you are good to make record time yourself. I have still apparently made peace with the...
  8. Kelney

    Looking for a condo

    Thought I would check with the local condo owners first. Looking to rent a 1 or 2 BR condo for 10-4 through 10-7. You can PM me if you have anything.