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  1. Esperanza

    Oct 19 Debate

    Is there a place in town to watch tomorrow night's debate in English?
  2. Esperanza

    Warm Days, Cool Nights

    We were down for Memorial Weekend and again this last weekend. We were AMAZED that both times, the nights were actually COLD without a blanket and breezy :-P The days were warm, wind not too bad on Fri & Sat. The wind REALLY picked up on Sunday. On another note, we had a 1 hour wait at the...
  3. Esperanza

    Rocky Pet Hotel & Spa

    Just found this place from someone on FB. The are a new business, but as a pet owner, they look promising. website:
  4. Esperanza

    Weekend in Paradise !

    Weather report shows a BEAUTIFUL weekend on the way! We're heading down to our Casita de Paz !! Man, are we ever ready!!! Even the dogs are excited...LOL
  5. Esperanza

    Great Weekend Weather

    Looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend in PP! High 60's in the day, 50's at night. Not too windy. I think we'll go....LOL
  6. Esperanza

    Local Handyman

    In case you are in need, we've found a really great handyman/men. Pancho & Omar do alot of work for us and the folks out at Playa Lopez (North of town on the Coastal Hwy). They build & install fences, gates, etc. Omar built & installed the security bars on our trailer windows; they have moved...
  7. Esperanza

    Too quiet !

    Good Morning Everyone! It's just too "dog gone" quiet on here today, so I decided to post! Looking forward to getting back to RP.....been gone 2 weeks, but ready to go again. Last time, we forgot the generator, so no AC for our place. Needless to say, it was not very much fun at
  8. Esperanza

    Weekend Weather

    Thinking to head down this weekend :razz: ! showing 30% chance of rain on Saturday , BUT....... what do you think the chances REALLY are? Honestly, does it EVER rain there..LOL? Regardless, a weekend in PP, even with rain, is better than being in PHX!:woo:
  9. Esperanza

    Travel Trailer Transportion to PP?

    Hi.... we have a 29' Travel Trailer that we want moved to PP. Do any of you have any recommendations of who we can contact? We are in the Phoenix East Valley area? Thanks