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  1. AZRob


    Are they still making people wear masks? How about other places?
  2. AZRob

    Is there a beer shortage?

    I was told today at local corner store that there is a beer shortage and pepsi is having a shortage also. Is there a shortage down there also?
  3. AZRob

    what is catching on the beach, let's hear it?

    Anyone been out shore fishing? Where and what did you catch. Pic proves you caught it. LOL with date on pic the year.
  4. AZRob

    How the weather today

    Just wondering how the temps and wind if any is down there today.
  5. AZRob

    Just read this on the net

    Does anyone know if this really works? ‘Put Ya’ Lighters Up’: New Study Finds Cannabis Could Block COVID-19 From Entering The Body (
  6. AZRob

    masks in RP

    Are the rules in RP changing like in AZ regarding mask wearing? Is it still one person per family that can go into the stores? You still need a mask on in your car driving? You still need one on the beach? Thanks
  7. AZRob

    Anyone know any more about this

    This was on yahoo news. Mexican fisherman 'dies after attack on Sea Shepherd conservationists' Mon, January 4, 2021, 8:25 PM MST Sea Shepherd is working to protect the endangered vaquita porpoise A Mexican fisherman has died after his boat collided with a larger vessel used by US...
  8. AZRob

    I seen this Mexico news

    I believe its from yesterday. Its not in English but you can see the map and number of cases (deaths) to the right.
  9. AZRob

    mask articale

    Just seen this.
  10. AZRob

    About the beaches Found this on the net this morning. Very interesting to read.
  11. AZRob


    What happens if people booked rentals and everything is still shut down in PP. Will full refunds be given for the deposits. Or are the rental places going to keep the deposit.
  12. AZRob


    I knew it was going to happen soon. Now reports of great whites in the Sea of Cortez close to shore. I figured they are in the waters, but now closer to shore to get hit with boat.
  13. AZRob

    Happy Mothers Day

    To all the Mothers on here, have a great Mothers Day!!!!!:mexican:
  14. AZRob

    Aquatic cocaine Interesting story.
  15. AZRob


    I see they are reporting 15 mph wind out of the west and 81 out. Is this accurate?
  16. AZRob


    How hard did it rain down there. Any lightning?
  17. AZRob

    Anyone else have a glitch on here?

    Using google chrome, the box at the bottom where you write. Doesn't appear anymore. You can start a new thread and reply by quoting someone and that's it. Using internet explorer everything works, I haven't tried firefox yet.
  18. AZRob

    Merry Christmas

    Have a safe one.
  19. AZRob

    Road coming in to RP

    Im still asking myself, why would you rip the road up and construct a bridge or high road coming into RP. Does anyone know the answer to this?
  20. AZRob

    Loan for your RP home

    Anyone on here get a loan from the bank to buy your house in RP. Did you get the loan in the US or from a Mexico bank.