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    Fake News, Fake News ! What You Think !

    Where is this "information" from???
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    Wi Fi speeds??

    We have VIASAT in Playa Encanto. We consistently have speeds great than 12 Mbps download and 4 Mbps upload. We have the "Bronze" package.
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    Retainer Wall Blocks

    I haven't been on the board in a bit. If you'd like to take a look at the retaining wall we had done we are at MZ 12-14. Straight up the hill from Rhonda's. I will be there this next weekend if you have questions and are there. If you like it I'd be happy to give you the name and number for the...
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    Retainer Wall Blocks

    I talked to the guy who did our retaining wall and he said he gets the block at Block Mex. It's just south of where Hwy 8, the highway into Puerto Penasco crosses over the overpass at Hwy 3.
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    Retainer Wall Blocks

    I just had a retaining wall built. If you don't have an answer by next week I will be down there and asked the guy who built our where he got the blocks.
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    Encantame Towers, Playa Encanto

    The road to the lot is there. We drove up it last weekend to take a look at the lot and the area around it. We have a house in Encanto and wondered where our new neighbors might be.
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    I am a researcher (doing secondary research which means I look at the primary research that others have done) by profession. Here are some interesting the 2 weeks before the mid-term elections Fox News and Fox Business networks mentioned the caravan an average of 6 times per hour...
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    Encantame Towers, Playa Encanto

    We were at the Playa Encanto HOA meeting yesterday and here is what was said.. The builder is one of the most reputable in the area and has built here in Puerto Penasco as well as a number of developments in Guadalajara. Phase 1 of the development is fully funded and, although they are taking...
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    Chari Ainsworth, our Lady Jeeper.

    I was so sorry to hear this. Just the other day I was thinking I hadn't seen any posts from her recently. Blessings to her friends and family.
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    TRUMP Threatens to close US Mexico Border

    I spoke to a friend who is in a fairly high position with US Customs and Border Protection. He told me a couple things that I do not think are political but more factual. 1-In the unlikely event the border is "closed" all US citizens with proper documentation will be allowed back into the US, it...
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    The Cholla Oyster House

    We love the place
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    Roberto, tanks so much for all the info. When we were looking for a house earlier this year I logged onto the "old" version of the flexmls a lot. It was just a personal preference but I liked that set up better than the current one or Point 2. Again, thank you
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    Thanks Terry . The version I was looking for is one not sponsored by and agent. The searches parameters on the original mls were much better. I am guessing that one is gone in favor of the sponsored versions. Thanks again!
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    Does anyone know what happened to the old flex mls link for Puerto Penasco? When I search the link now it goes through various realtors site and shows limited results. Thanks!
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    Info/opinions wanted

    I was going to post this in a couple of the facebook groups but people here are far more knowledgeable in general... We are looking to buy a couple quads for our place in Playa Encanto. Mostly for our kids and grandkids to use while they visit (I know about the rules for quads there and we tend...
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    Condo Painting

    Jorge Matus Phone Number 52-1-638-105-9070. I don't have an email for him. If you use him please tell him Rich and Linda from Playa Encanto referred you :)
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    Grest news: New mosque in Kingman

    I think all the videos are hilarious. The "arm 3 and 4 year old students with guns" had me in tears. How in the hell can you get a congressman, to say on camera, that he supports have a "select" 4 year old carry a gun in school (I am not anti-gun). Then when he had the lobbyist using a...
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    Condo Painting

    We have a 2000 sqft house in Playa Encanto with ceilings ranging from 12 to 20 feet. We just (as in last week) had the entire thing painted, including the ceilings, for $700, We paid for the supplies (tape, plastic etc) separately for maybe $150 tops.
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    Here's the Form for bringing in your ATV, Moped, Motorcycle, Trailer, Cart, or Boat

    Although this sounds all very arbitrary it's the same coming back into the US. They kinda decide who to ask about things and who not too. We came back Tuesday and the Federales just waved us through, then stopped the next car and did a complete search. One time we were coming back and US customs...
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    Weird internet "issue"

    Yes we did. We have VIASAT satellite internet. To make a long story short I asked the guards to let the internet installers in and there was a misunderstanding and they thought I wanted to find someone for internet. They went way above and beyond in trying to help and contacted someone, only in...