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  1. rockyptjoe

    Thanksgiving weekend

    Hopefully next year....I missed the gettogether....was supposed to go up to Seattle to help the kids move back to daughter wound up having the baby early because of some complications....
  2. rockyptjoe

    Stuart help for the site

    You can see his posts, photos and videos on Facebook.....
  3. rockyptjoe

    Blanco y Negro Ball

    Bill....where was your tie? BTW, I hate ties too!
  4. rockyptjoe

    Scuba Diving Tours: Rocio Del Mar

    LJ....although it appears to be pricey...if you consider everything (well, almost everything) is included...lodging, food, drinks (iincl. beer and wine) and the number of dives...looks like 3-4 per day....that's not bad.
  5. rockyptjoe

    Happy Thanksgiving to all!

  6. rockyptjoe

    Thanksgiving weekend roll call - version 2012

    Anyone coming down from Phoenix/Tempe want to pick up some clothes and blankets???.....Landshark has several bags....
  7. rockyptjoe

    The Deep Reefs are Hot Right Now

    Stuart.....all the dolphin were outside the harbor Friday afternoon....must have seen 30-40 in a span of about an hour having lunch at Boo Bar
  8. rockyptjoe

    Don'ts please ad yours

    Don't forget to smile Don't assume someone will stop at a red light or stop sign.
  9. rockyptjoe

    Under New Management!

    Have you ever been the recipient of one of his ranting disgusting emails?
  10. rockyptjoe

    Pic of the Day!

    Dolphins playing...view from the Boo Bar on Friday afternoon....
  11. rockyptjoe

    TelCel Amigo (Cellphone Plan)

    When I went on the site, it appeared that youhad to be registered, and one of the steps required you to be in Mexico to receive a there something I missed or misunderstood?
  12. rockyptjoe

    TelCel Amigo (Cellphone Plan)

    If you need to add money to your TelCel Amigo plan, and are not in Mexico, you can do so from this site: They don't charge anything and you can use PayPal. You can add money in $10 USD increments. It looked like you had to register to use the TelCel site, and I couldn't...
  13. rockyptjoe

    GoPenasco Radio

    What happened to the stop signs (which the locals don't follow anyway?) on Constitution in the area of Super Ley and Coppel? A couple that I remember being there are missing (north of Benito Juarez).
  14. rockyptjoe

    Got the jet ski wet and a little red this last weekend

    Every time I've been stopped crossing into Mexico, they just checked my registration against the VIN, they never checked the registration number on the for fishing, I don't do any.
  15. rockyptjoe

    Beachfront business opportunity! about a wave pool? Probably as much need for that as another bar!
  16. rockyptjoe

    Bus from Tucson?

    I know that the shuttle still runs to Gila Bend and on to Phoenix....part of the Metro transit system....didn't know they also ran to Tucson.
  17. rockyptjoe

    Beachfront business opportunity!

    That's what I thought...I always wondered why the bars only sold certain brands of beer....and was told the license belonged to a particular distributorship....
  18. rockyptjoe

    Bus from Tucson?

    check out this service.....weekdays only.... From Ajo, you might be able to get a ride on the Phoenix shuttle.....
  19. rockyptjoe

    Beachfront business opportunity!

    Aren't most (if not all) the liquor licenses held by the distributors anyway????
  20. rockyptjoe

    What can I expect to catch in December

    You forgot Bill's (Wood Spinner) invite to his fish fry!