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    Looks like lock down will continue for awhile

    thank you
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    Worth a read

    Stu-- isn't there some place else for political posts? This site is rockypointtalk, not portlandtalk
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    They also take credit cards and do not add any additional fee for their use
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    Sea wall damage in LC

    The science on seawalls was settled 40-50 years ago: Build a seawall----lose your beach. It is just common sense that if you put a wall that has moving water constantly hitting up against it, the sand is eroded away. As someone stated, the way to preserve the beach is to preserve the dunes...
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    Electricity Costs

    You have probably have already planned for this, but bidirectional meters can cut your costs significantly
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    Traveling from Lukeville to RP.

    Name is Transportes Xpress. White vans with red/green logo
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    Traveling from Lukeville to RP.

    Just as you walk over the border there is an office for the shuttle between PP and Sonoyta. It is about 50 yds in from the border on your right. They have 6 shuttles a day and are very reasonable
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    Someone better hurry, build that port!

    Stuart-- if you still had your boat--you could become a tender captain and make just all kinds of money. Just don't quit your day job yet
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    Someone better hurry, build that port!

    I will bet you this never happens. just name the amount you want to lose
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    Real Estate investment...USA or Mexico

    people need to look at this differently. selling price is not the most important thing--what you actually get in your pocket is the important number. Even if you bought before the crash it is hard to come out ahead selling today because of the difference in the peso exchange. Sales are...
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    Encantame Towers, Playa Encanto

    I'm with Mondone--chances this will finished are not good and there will be just another big mess on our beach
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    Forum Moderation

    Hey Stuart--do I need a passport now to get on your boat?
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    Sea Wall failures

    Building a sea wall will make the beach erosion worse. I know the federal zone officials in PP really push sea walls but they really are the worse thing you can do to try and prevent beach erosion. Native plants on the dunes is the best thing to prevent erosion
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    Information wanted on Playa Encanto - Los Conchos

    Roberto--It must have been a while since you were at Playa Encanto. I have a home there and live there about 7 months of the year. There are approximately 200 residences in Encanto, and the vast majority of them are single family homes. We have had electricity since 2011--and it is all...
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    Jellyfish warnings

    have yet to see any jellyfish washed up or in the water on Playa Encanto
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    Payments to RE Agent

    If you are building I would also recommend paying all Soc Sec taxes on the workers for your home directly. the builder can give you the invoice for that. If the builder does not pay these and skips out or goes out of business, the homeowner is ultimately responsible for the employment taxes
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    Payments to RE Agent

    did the name just change on the trust or did ownership of the trust change. That is two completely different scenarios. If you only change the name of the AZ LLC, the same entity owns the trust. that is different from "buying" a trust as stated in Belgiumboy post
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    Payments to RE Agent

    I am a little confused. Since when did bank trusts get to be transferable? I understand that an AZ LLC could get a bank trust, but did not know you could buy someone's bank trust. The trust has a specific name on it and if you want someone else's name on it , the bank charges you for a new...
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    How much Rain?

    I think Hurricane Marty in 2001 dropped a lot more rain. it was a week or so getting into Playa Encanto
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    pontoon boats

    Terry-- I will do that id you will pay for the restoration--should not be that much--LOL