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  1. Wood Spinner

    Anyone catching fish in Penasco?

    Some of the folks going out on the pongas are doing well on count but nothing very big. Mostly Rock Bass and some Triggers. I went out yesterday on my pontoon in close and not a bite. I then put the outboard motor on and went further out, 1/2 mile and got some small rock bass for dinner. One...
  2. Wood Spinner

    Looking to purchase 5th wheel in RP

    I have a friend that has one to sell. He will be back in RP next Sat. so you can look at it. Give me contact info and I will have him contact you. He is in Phoenix at this time. I have seen it and it is a good unit and is priced right. Nice and clean and smells clean. if you want to call...
  3. Wood Spinner

    Any Corvina being caught ?

    Good activity on nice Corvina happening from shore and boat
  4. Wood Spinner


    We have eaten there for years. Have never seen anything but very clean. Nice folks there and the best Rellenos in all of RP
  5. Wood Spinner

    The Cholla Oyster House

    I am a Modelo Negra drinker but tough to get in RP so I drink the draft Indio. A very close second
  6. Wood Spinner

    Mayan Palace

    Not really any of your business. Tyler is commander and chief of the site and that is it. Over the hears not many have been banned and they needed to be. Be nice, reasonable language, no religion or politics ! No big deal
  7. Wood Spinner

    Shrimp Prices

    Got ripped by not knowing the ways of RP. Talk to folks or here before you send
  8. Wood Spinner

    Flooded roads

    How about to Puerto Lobos ?
  9. Wood Spinner

    Airslot Project.

    Great fun doing a rehab. Lots of sweat and bucks but so rewarding
  10. Wood Spinner

    Dog Health Certificates

    When they stop us I automatically hand them the Rabies Certificate. When I pack the PU I start with the wine, my beer, dog food, and no no meats. On top of that, the clothing and misc stuff packed tight against the doors and the 40 lb dog on top of all of it. If they ask to open the door I...
  11. Wood Spinner

    Need links to Rocky Point being safe.

    I forgot to say, ask the judge if he goes down and he wlill likely say yes.
  12. Wood Spinner

    Need links to Rocky Point being safe.

    I don't know if you can find the article from a few years back where the Feds recanted a travel alert. They had posted the alert prior to, I think, Spring Break. After someone took them to task and made them recant. We spend the Winter in RP and hear what really happens there. It is never...
  13. Wood Spinner

    Tohatsu 3.4 4 stroke

    I used to want a bigger boat also, but The bigger the more the initial cost, more cost to run, Insurance a must. Then there is the Boat storage fee and the launching fee. Need I go on and on! I have a 16 ft aluminum flat bottom Jon boat with a 15 hp. 4 stroke Yami. I am going to try it this...
  14. Wood Spinner


    BEWARE OF NAPA AUTO PARTS I needed two new batteries for my Dodge diesel. It requires 2 H8 series huge cranking. Checked out Walmart $149.99 5 year warranty, and installed, but out of stock AutoZone no stock. Last went to Napa and had to pay $ 180.00 each $360.00 + tax for a 36-month...
  15. Wood Spinner

    how to log on to facebook forrum

    I have looked at Facebook and do not see anything to make a new account for RPT PLEASE HELP
  16. Wood Spinner

    Tohatsu 3.4 4 stroke

    All of your comments are correct and I agree. Considering gas I believe the Suzuki is the best. I was told this by an R.P. fisherman. The MAJOR issue here is the warranty. The closest warranty services are in Havasu City. Too far for me considering you may have to leave it for repair and...
  17. Wood Spinner

    Tohatsu 3.4 4 stroke

    I forgot to mention I believe Merc. is offering a 5 yr warranty now.
  18. Wood Spinner

    Tohatsu 3.4 4 stroke

    I did a lot of searching on the web and decided to use Cumberland. The Tohatsu is covered with 5 yrs warranty and the warranty service id done in Mesa. Part of the reason I decided on Cumberland is that I spoke with a salesperson at Martain Marine, close to Bass Pro. He gave me more info that...
  19. Wood Spinner

    Tohatsu 3.4 4 stroke

    I just purchased one fo my Sacdden Skykomish pontoon. I will need to modify my sturn deck to handle the 40lbs. But no battery needed. I anticipate about 10 miles per hour. Will be in Playa De Oro Nov 1 and should have the modification done in a few days. So ready to go fishing and eat some...
  20. Wood Spinner


    Help with the installation of AUX mini split Before you buy be sure to get a unit that will be OK to be imported into the USA You will be checked at the Border. Have your receipt ready as they will want to see it. No import problem. Limit of free USA import is $ 800.00 per person...